Protect Your Business with Expert IT Advice at the Upcoming Tigunia Virtual Forum

September 9, 2020
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2020 has been a year of curveballs. While we all continue to adapt our services and adjust our business operations to the fluctuating economy around us, your technology and infrastructure must remain stable.

Your data is the backbone of your organization, and while you may have robust data backups in place, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. How long will it take you to recover if there is a security breach? What formal plans are in place for employees during an unforeseen disaster? Data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity are not just buzzwords – they are essential to keeping your business running during the toughest of times.

That’s where Tigunia can help. Our highly experienced IT team has the knowledge to help you do a better job of setting up your infrastructure, securing your data, and protecting your network from unknown threats. Starting on September 21st, we are going to be sharing that expertise through the IT/Hosting Educational Track at the Tigunia Virtual Forum.

IT/Hosting Sessions at the 2020 Tigunia Virtual Forum

The Tigunia Virtual Forum is a free virtual conference that brings together technical experts and users to share advice, discuss trends, and collaborate. The IT/Hosting sessions include a mix of sessions that cater to different skills and experience levels. There are non-technical sessions that provide information on Business Central licensing and basic concepts around backup and disaster recovery, and there are more technical sessions where we evaluate specific data protection solutions and ask questions to a panel of IT experts.

Presented by our VP of Information Technology, James Nicolas, you can look forward to a full 60-minutes of learning. He is a firm believer that technology should protect your company’s operations, data, IP, and people while improving the performance, efficiency, and lives of the people in your organization. Each session will include an anonymous Q&A period so make sure you come armed with all of your questions!

Now, let’s jump into some of the details behind each IT/Hosting session.

Business Central Hosting Options – Licensing

Dynamics 365 Business Central has a variety of licensing options and infrastructure decision points that can be a little confusing to the average person. Whether you are a new customer or upgrading from Dynamics NAV, this session will help you understand the hosting and licensing options available in Business Central.

In this session, James Nicholas breaks down the licensing question into a decision tree:

  1. How to Handle Licensing: Subscription or Perpetual?
  2. How and Where to Host Business Central

James will discuss the operational and technical motivations behind each option, explain any limitations, and end with a question and answer period.

Monday, September 21st @ 9:00AM Central


Beyond Backup: Protecting Your Business is More Than Just Technology and Data

Many vendors promise business continuity, but can you really achieve this without any discussions around your organization’s process? Backups protect data, but there are more areas of your business that need to be discussed in the face of a disaster.

In this session, we will explore the basic concepts around backup and disaster recovery and find out what it means to provide true business continuity. James will show you how to move from disaster recovery to business continuity, and make sure you have the right data protection and retention measures in place to restore your data at all times.

This is an excellent opportunity for non-technical people to learn about the differences between backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity and start the conversation about disaster planning and strategy.

Tuesday, September 22nd @ 12:00PM Central


IT Security: How to Protect Your Organization from Threats and Vulnerabilities

Amidst the economic uncertainty that surrounds us, cyber threats and data breaches are still a major concern. IT security can be an overwhelming topic, so we are going to talk about realistic threats to your business and discuss some specific areas of security that we think are important, such as:

  • Email security
  • How to protect against phishing and spear phishing
  • How to protect your environment (i.e. password policies)
  • Physical security

During this session, James will be opening the floor up for interactive discussion and questions, so you can take advantage of his brain and ask him anything about security! Please note that where this session is being recorded, all questions will be anonymous.

Wednesday, September 23rd @ 3:00PM Central


Data Protection Solution Review: How to Defend Your Organization’s Data and Operations

This is a second session on data backups and disaster recovery planning that dives deeper into specific software and introduces a panel of experts. We have invited three industry-leading vendors to join us from Microsoft, Veeam, and Datto to provide an overview of their solutions and to show their approach to protecting your data.

Once you learn a bit about the products and how they work, James will open up the floor for an open dialogue, where you can ask anonymous questions about the software.

Thursday, September 24th @ 9:00AM Central


Prepare and Protect Your Business at all Times with Help from the IT Experts

With all of this knowledge and talent in one place, you don’t want to miss out on the Tigunia Virtual Forum! We’re looking forward to sharing some valuable tips and advice that will help you weather this storm and get through it on top. If you are interested in other sessions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, business intelligence and reporting, or industry-specific sessions, then don’t hesitate to register today! You can find all of the session descriptions here:


After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to know about the conference, including the finalized schedule and links to sign up for each individual session. If you are interested in any of the sessions but cannot attend on the day of, register anyway and we will send you the recordings after the event! We will only be sharing recordings with registrants.