Royalties Management

Make Calculating Royalties Payments a Breeze

Simplify Your Royalties Management Process

Tigunia Royalties Management is an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that tracks item sales and automatically calculates royalties based on those sales. Just set up the brand structure for those items and enter the licensing agreements for those brands into contracts, and you’re ready to start managing royalties in Business Central!

With Royalties Management, you can leave complicated royalties calculations and payment processing behind. No more digging through sales records and licensing agreements to calculate how many of a certain product sold or the agreed royalty amount for each sale. And, best of all, skip data entry errors and wasting time processing refunds on erroneous payments with Royalties Management’s seamless integration into Business Central accounts payable functionality.

Tigunia Royalties Management benefits include:

  • Unrestricted creation of brand structures and licensing contracts
  • Automatic royalties tracking for every sales transaction
  • Calculate royalty payments and generate royalty invoices with a click of a button
  • Seamless integration into the accounts payable functionality in Business Central
  • Effortless royalty transaction export to Excel for flexible data analysis

Ready for better technology and peace of mind?