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Jet Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Untangle the Complexity of BI and Data Structures

Jet Analytics (formerly Jet Enterprise) offers sophisticated but accessible corporate business intelligence to anyone, anywhere. Users love it because it enables self-service reporting and analytics at any level in an organization. And while that is exactly what your business needs for competitive efficiency, we also know the promises of Jet Analytics can dissolve at install or deployment. Not with Tigunia.

Our certified support and services guarantee success with Jet Analytics. Whether you’re just getting started, bought direct, your partner doesn’t offer training, or you’re looking to get better support, we’ve got the experts for what you need to make Jet Analytics a smashing success.

How to Choose the Right BI Solution for Your Microsoft Dynamics System

Find the right-fitting business intelligence software for your operations by taking the time to evaluate your goals, consider your solution requirements, set expectations, and make analytics work for you.

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Leverage Your Data and Uncover New Insights with Jet Analytics

Get actionable insights, fast! Let Tigunia help make sense of vast amounts of complicated data from various modules and databases to streamline the process of data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) with Jet Analytics. Using a centralized data warehouse that consolidates and simplifies data from Dynamics ERP, users can easily access data, and work with the information they need. Tigunia can help you with:

Pre-built dashboards and reports

Pre-built data cubes and warehouses

Self-service business intelligence

Integration with Power BI and Microsoft Excel

Data security and access control

Automation and scheduling

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