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Optimize Performance with Tigunia’s Data Center Hosting Solutions

Not Your Traditional Hosting Solution

When you invest in an ERP or BI solution, you’re responsible for how the infrastructure behind it is managed and supported. Your business application infrastructure determines the speed, security, and agility of your entire operations – but what happens if you don’t have the technical skill on staff to support this? That’s where Tigunia fits. We provide flexible cloud hosting platforms tailored to meet your performance needs.

Controlled Freedom

Our co-managed hosting platform give your company complete control and access over your infrastructure – without the hassle of maintaining your environment and applications.

Scaled for Performance

Improve your ability to scale with Tigunia’s flexible hosting solutions that can be built to your exact computational, availability, performance, and storage needs.

State of the Art Security

With regular monitoring, updates, backups, and contingency planning, we make securing and scaling your environment our responsibility.

Predictable Costs

Take advantage of the highest tier disk performance and best-in-class servers without the unknown fees that can add up based on storage and size.

Responsive Customer Service

With fast response times, exceptional friendliness, and a high level of expertise, Tigunia is the local partner you can count on to always answer your request.

Business Central Hosting: Tigunia vs. Microsoft

From customer service to predictable costs, compare the main differences between choosing to host your Business Central environment with Microsoft and Tigunia.

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Trust Your Business Application Hosting to Tigunia

Managing servers and cloud storage is critical to business operations, but having the right equipment, security protocols, and personnel in place can be an expensive. With Tigunia’s dedicated business application and server hosting solutions, we make securing and scaling your environment our responsibility.

Our goal is to help you create a scalable, high performance infrastructure that supports your entire business operations now and in the future. By offering a variety of managed and co-managed infrastructure services, we make sure you get the best value.

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