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Royalty Management Software for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Uncomplicate Your Royalties Workflow

Simplify the complexities of licensing agreements and royalty structures for good. Seamlessly integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central, Tigunia’s Royalties Management app is designed to reduce data entry errors by providing expanded royalty calculation, payment, and tracking functionality. Our solution allows businesses to focus on maximizing their revenues and ensuring fair compensation for all stakeholders involved.

Get Paid Faster with Full-Service Royalty Payment Software

Designed to liberate you from manual royalty calculations, and tedious payment processing tasks, our software tracks item sales and automatically calculates royalties based on those sales. Tigunia’s Royalties Management add-on solution is built directly into Business Central accounts payable functionality to provide automatic royalty expense reporting and payment processing. Key features include:

Unrestricted creation of brand structures and licensing contracts

Automatic royalties tracking for every sales transaction

Calculate royalty payments and generate royalty invoices with a click of a button

Seamless integration into the accounts payable functionality in Business Central

Effortless royalty transaction export to Excel for flexible data analysis

Create and track royalty payments to vendors based on paid sales transactions

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