Tigunia Sales Tax Add-on

Make Manual Sales Tax Updates a Thing of the Past

Automate Sales Tax Rate Table Updates & Tax Area Codes

TigTax is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on that keeps your sales tax jurisdiction rate tables up to date with the latest sales tax rate information. Business Central does not create or update tax area and tax jurisdiction information natively.

Keeping tax rate information automatically current ensures that sales tax collected is accurately calculated for each tax jurisdiction. Paired with a subscription to Tigunia’s Tax Rate Service or other third-party service, TigTax automates your sales tax table updates, keeping them as current as possible. TigTax also assigns the proper tax area code to customers based on the customer’s postal code.

TigTax benefits include:

  • Keeping sales tax rate information up to date for each jurisdiction
  • Automatically assign tax area codes to customers, ship-to addresses, and sales orders
  • Automatic updates via subscription service
  • Save time on and minimize tax calculation errors
  • Simplify sales tax collected reporting

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