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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Tax Management Add-on

Simplify The Entire Tax Collection Process

Business Central does not create or update tax area and tax jurisdiction information natively. That’s why we created TigTax! TigTax is sales tax app built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Quick to install and easy to use, TigTax provides users with accurate, up-to-date sales tax information – minimizing potential tax-related penalties and providing long-term financial stability.

Supercharge Your Sales Tax Management

As a fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics sales tax solution, TigTax is a powerful tool designed to enhance your existing technology stack. Paired with a subscription to Tigunia’s Tax Rate Service or other third-party service, TigTax automates your sales tax table updates, keeping them as current as possible for reporting and compliance. Key features of TigTax include:

Keep sales tax rate information up to date for each jurisdiction

Save time and minimize tax calculation errors

Simplify sales tax reporting and analytics

Tax exemption certificate management by state

Assign tax area codes to customers, ship-to addresses, and sales orders

Maintain current sales tax rates for all jurisdictions

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