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All-In-One Royalty Management Software

Simplify and Centralize Your Operational Management and Royalties Workflows

Leverage a single, proven Microsoft cloud platform to unify licensing business management, seamlessly scale, and simplify the complexities of licensing agreements and royalty structures for good.

Integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central, Tigunia’s Royalties Management solution delivers everything from finance, sales, inventory, royalties, and more in a single place. Designed to reduce data entry errors by providing expanded royalty calculation, payment, and tracking functionality, our all-in-one solution allows your business to focus on maximizing revenues while ensuring compliance and fair compensation for all stakeholders.


Accelerate Cash Flow with a Complete Royalty Payment and Business Management Solution in One

Built to free you from manual royalty processing and sales tracking, our centralized royalty management software automates royalty calculations, expedites invoicing, ensures contract compliance, and provides real-time performance visibility and robust analytics for your licensing business. Key benefits include:

Flexible Contract Management

Track licensing agreement details, including royalty rates, payment terms, and contract expiration dates, with unrestricted creation of brand structures and licensing contracts.

Automate Royalty Calculation and Invoicing

Reduce errors and ensure timely payments by automating the calculation of royalties based on predefined terms and contract conditions and then creating invoices with the click of a button.

Real-Time Sales and Revenue Insights

Monitor royalty sales and revenue data seamlessly alongside your financial management for real-time insights into licensed products or content performance.

Consolidate Operational Management

From accounting, AP, AR, contracts, sales, inventory, HR, and more – manage every aspect of your business in a single, intuitive, scalable cloud solution.

Fast and Easy Payment Processing

Quickly and easily facilitate royalty payments to licensors to ensure timely and accurate disbursements, reduce errors and disputes, and improve your partner relationships.

Complete Compliance Monitoring

Ensure contractual obligations meet industry standards and regulations while automatically maintaining a comprehensive audit trail for transparency and accountability.

What’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Tigunia’s centralized royalty management solution is built on the trusted and powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. From functionality and licensing to customization and pricing, take a deep dive into this revolutionary cloud business management solution that seamlessly scales with your growth and ties all your operations together.


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