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Tigumon: Azure Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Monitor Your Network Health At All Times

Outsmart network hassles and evade downtime with Tigunia’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure monitoring tools. Tigumon, our infrastructure and system monitoring solution, is an always-on dashboard providing you real-time diagnostics on the infrastructure powering your systems and apps.

Maintain Optimal Performance with Azure Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Tigumon infrastructure and system monitoring provides users with instant access to accurate data. With locally stored agents and data cache, Tigumon securely transmits information for timely error notifications. You gain instant visibility into your network and connected services on any device, empowering you to take proactive actions and optimize performance. Further benefits include:

Custom dashboard for status updates and diagnostics

Instant notification for faster troubleshooting

Live status updates and critical issue alerts

One-screen monitoring of all your critical business systems

Mobile access to dashboards from anywhere

Quick implementation and startup

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