Prevent Data Loss and Downtime in an Outage

  • People

    We have a talented team ready to protect your data, systems, and applications from any outage.

  • Technology

    We have the tools and software to help you fully restore your systems quickly and affordably.

  • Expertise

    We have years of knowledge in disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Protect Your Data from Disaster

From natural disasters to hardware failure, there are a lot of ways to damage your business. A single hour of downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars and pieces of reputation. We can help you prepare for any unforeseen event with secure and reliable backup and recovery solutions. With both on-site and off-site backup solutions and disaster recovery failover, Tigunia offers complete protection for your systems, applications, and data.

Have Confidence in Your First Line of Defense

An effective data recovery and business continuity plan form the foundation of your defense against outages. With Tigunia’s experienced insight guiding the way, we can help you plan, implement, and test your strategy to ensure your data is protected and fully available when you need it. Don’t find out the hard way that your data recovery strategy was insufficient. Just get prepared.

Trust Your Data Backup and Recovery to Tigunia

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