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Upgrade NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Accelerate Business Growth in the Microsoft Cloud

Built from the flexible and proven architecture of Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a modern cloud ERP platform that is built to connect, streamline, and scale your operation. With a suite of cloud-based business applications, flexible design, and a convenient SaaS subscription model, many Dynamics NAV customers are migrating to Business Central for advancements in security, scalability, cost-efficacy, and productivity. Thanks to our background in NAV and Business Central, Tigunia is the perfect partner to help you make a smooth transition.

5 Signs to Upgrade to Business Central

After spending years investing in infrastructure, customizations, training, testing, and upgrades, many Dynamics NAV customers have started experiencing limited support, integration challenges, and rising costs to keep their on-premise systems running. Here are some of the biggest reasons why several of our Dynamics NAV customers have made the decision to upgrade to Business Central:

Performance Issues

Slow operations negatively affects your productivity.

Financial Strain

High maintenance and infrastructure costs impacts your profits.

Analytical Gaps

Lack of reliable data hurts informed decision-making.

Integration Hurdles

Incompatibility and scaling issues are limiting your growth.

Risk and Complexity

Relying on on-premise servers exposes your business to potential security vulnerabilities and complex maintenance requirements.

How to Select the Right D365 Business Central Partner

Here are some expert tips on how to select the most suitable software solutions partner to implement and support your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. We’ve included everything from sample interview questions to recommendations on what to ask a reference!

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Trust Your Business Central Upgrade to Tigunia

For some customers, the decision to upgrade to Business Central from NAV is easy, while others need more support. Luckily, Tigunia is stacked with experts who know both systems inside and out. We have the experience to connect your people and processes with a single, unified solution in a quick and cost-efficient migration that will get your job done right, the first time. No matter your size, Tigunia can optimize your business processes, maintain your technology environment, and secure your business for years to come.

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