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Drive Online Growth with Retail & eCommerce ERP Software

Transform Your Online Experience with eCommerce ERP Software

Navigate the complex world of retail and eCommerce with Tigunia by your side. As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, Tigunia is committed to delivering innovative ERP and CRM solutions that elevate your retail and eCommerce business. With years of experience and a proven track record in helping businesses like yours succeed in the competitive online marketplace, we’ll help you implement the right-size software to streamline inventory management, improve order processing, increase your sales, and boost your market share.

Increase productivity and boost revenues by integrating your ERP and retail operations in a single platform.

Improve decision making with real-time insight into order management and financial data.

Deliver a seamless user experience with fast checkout, quick shipping, and quality customer service.

Connect Your Shopify eCommerce Store with Your ERP Software

At Tigunia, we pride ourselves on our vast industry expertise and deep understanding of the challenges facing modern retailers. That’s why we developed our very own Shopify integration app specifically built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Our Shopify Business Central integration was designed for speed, communication, and efficiency. By synchronizing data and allowing seamless connections between the two systems, our eCommerce ERP solution drives operational efficiencies across sales, accounting, and fulfillment.

Explore Tigunia Shopify Integration

Learn more about the benefits of using Tigunia Shopify Integration to connect your eCommerce shop and your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system.


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