Boost Efficiency with Purpose-Built Dynamics 365 SCM (F&O) Hosting Solutions

Turnkey Private Cloud Hosting: Gain a Competitive Edge

Many organizations are hosting their Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM) data using a SaaS solution, but there is another more economical option. At Tigunia, we offer a private hosting solution specifically for our D365 SCM (F&O) clients. This option is a great fit for businesses with unique business processes, industry requirements, and/or budget constraints.

Enterprise-Level Performance

Higher availability and redundancy allows for more rapid transactions, application operations, and report generation.

Unmatched Security

Our data center has strict data security and privacy measures, with services including NOC, RMM, and SOC.

Direct-to-Tech Support

Our reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable IT team fully support and maintain your D365 SCM environment 24/7/365.

Superior Data Control

Gain complete control and visibility of your D365 SCM data and infrastructure, without the maintenance hassle.

Customization and Integration

Take advantage of the more extensive customization and integration capabilities available in a private hosting center.

Predictable Costs

Take control over your infrastructure expenses without unexpected fluctuations in cloud usage and storage costs.

Scale Production on Your Own Schedule

When hosting your D365 SCM solution with Tigunia, you get a purpose-built, private cloud that can scale production where you need to, on your own schedule. Your deployment is configured to meet your specific business and security requirements, and can support your organization’s data backup restoration point and restoration time objectives. All of this control over your data is backed by Tigunia’s world-class data management and customer support tools that are available 24/7/365.

Enhance Performance with Tigunia’s D365 SCM (F&O) Data Center

Tigunia’s private hosting solutions not only give you the high performance and security you need to perform, but we provide complete control and access to your systems and data. By still deploying your environment through Microsoft’s LCS, you gain direct SQL access and proper analytics without the need for data lakes or Bring-Your-Own-Database (BYOD) restrictions. In other words, this is data warehousing made easy!

  • Keep your data securely backed up with Tigunia’s world-class data management and customer support tools, available 24/7/365.
  • Clone your production and take it with you, whenever and wherever you may need it.
  • Integrate with all of your other data systems and services, allowing you to use the reporting tools that you want.

Make Business Continuity a Top Priority

Our D365 SCM (F&O) hosting platform comes with a fully managed business continuity solution for your application and infrastructure stack. With high availability and security, this allows for more granular and better retention and restore options out of the gate. Tigunia also offers exclusive NOC and SOC services, fortifying availability and safeguarding against threats. Your data remains secure, and your operations stay uninterrupted.

Expert Hosting Advisors at Your Side

Hosting your D365 SCM (F&O) infrastructure in a private data center with Tigunia is a strategic decision that should be carefully evaluated based on your specific needs, budget, and long-term IT strategy. Talk to one our experienced hosting advisors today to start discussing your options!