So you’ve outgrown your accounting software, now what?

May 9, 2023
ERP, Microsoft Dynamics
3 min read

What to do when you’re ready to say goodbye to QuickBooks and get back to business

How do I know if I’ve outgrown my accounting software?

If you’re wondering how to choose the right accounting software for your business, then both congratulations—and condolences—are in order. While this revelation speaks to your business’ success, outgrowing the simpler tools like QuickBooks can come with some major headaches.

Maybe you’re losing hours of your day manually compiling data and building reports through a complicated string of spreadsheets. Maybe you keep having to ask so-and-so to handle the accounting on their own because you can’t add any other users to the system. Or maybe you’ve accrued more data than your current solution can accommodate and you’ve had to find other, less secure ways to store your records.

When clients approach us with symptoms like these and ask us to recommend suitable accounting software for their growing business, we recommend they think beyond accounting-specific solutions and consider Microsoft Dynamics 365, which offers an entire suite of cloud-based sales and operations planning software.

How Dynamics 365 helps your business sustain its growth

Dynamics 365 is a revolutionary business management solution that ties together enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Office 365 all-in-one.

Solutions from Dynamics cover sales, customer service, field services, finance, operations, retail and talent. With a subscription model that charges per user, Dynamics is a great option for growing businesses. 

Such comprehensive business management may sound like overkill, but the subscription model and scalability of Dynamics 365 is specifically designed to address the needs and growth of your business.

Even if all you truly need is an upgrade on your accounting software alone, the benefits of cloud-based accounting software make Dynamics an easy choice.

With cloud-based solutions from Dynamics, you can expect a quicker transition, licensing on a per-user basis, and automatic, cumulative updates that keep your tech from falling behind.

Not sure how to switch accounting software?

The first step in implementing your upgrade is finding a trustworthy partner who can help you find a good fit for your specific pain points.

At Tigunia, we kick off each partnership with a thorough discovery process, where our various subject matter experts will ask you questions to uncover the core problems facing your organization.. From there, we’ll work together on a plan for how to switch your accounting software and/or augment it with other sales and operations solutions.

Throughout the duration of the implementation, we’ll maintain constant communication and transparency about expected timelines and cost.

The outcome? No more time wasted on ill-fitting solutions, implementation done right—the first time around, and getting back to the real reasons you went into business.