Do You Want a Second Opinion from Your Dynamics NAV Partner?

February 18, 2020
Microsoft Dynamics, NAV
6 min read

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most installed mid-market ERP software solutions in the world. It is highly flexible and as a result, has a huge network of solution partners around the world that specialize in strategy, development, installation, and maintenance of Dynamics NAV systems.

That said, not all partners are built the same. There are always good, average, and just plain bad partners. We’re not trying to slander anyone here; we’re just realistic – not every player can be good at the game. Every partner, like every Dynamics NAV customer, has different expectations and quality standards. The trick is to find a partner that aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

The truth is, 99% of our entire customer base is considered a Dynamics NAV rescue. That means that they had to change partners in order to save their Dynamics NAV implementation. Whether you are currently experiencing project delays or simply questioning some of the work being done by your partner, it’s time to talk about getting a second opinion.

How Do You Know You Need a Second Opinion?

When you seek a second opinion, you are seeking the advice of more than one professional to ensure you have the right information to make the right decision. In healthcare, when you are diagnosed with a disease, you get a second opinion. When you are recommended for a specific surgery, you get a second opinion. When your current treatment is not working, you get a second opinion. You do this because it’s important, and you need to have full confidence in the decisions you’re making.

Now, let’s look at your business. You’re trusting a partner to essentially overhaul your business, from your business processes to your people to your bottom line. Your future is in their hands. A Dynamics NAV implementation, no matter what the size, is a highly involved, complicated project that impacts every aspect of your business. It requires trust, just like the relationship you have with your doctor.

When your partner starts pushing changes or customizations you don’t need, you start to lose trust. When you start missing deadlines and major project milestones, you start to question your partner and lose some more trust. When your implementation comes to a halt without any communication from your partner, the trust that used to be there has left the building.

There are plenty of signs your Dynamics NAV partner has outgrown you. Are they trying to sell you solutions you don’t need? Have they been avoiding your calls or de-prioritizing your concerns lately? Do you feel pressure to spend more on your NAV implementation? If any of these questions are striking a chord, it’s time to get a second opinion.

8 Ways to Know It’s Time for a New Dynamics NAV Partner

99% of our existing Dynamics NAV customer base are considered rescues. From missed deadlines to business disruption, find out how to avoid ERP software implementation failure. This whitepaper will help you identify the signs of failure and decide on your next best course of action in order to successfully implement Dynamics NAV in your business.


What Should You Look for in a Second Opinion?

Sometimes a second opinion is all it takes to save your business from complications. If you have started experiencing any of the common signs of failure, we highly recommend you re-evaluate your existing Dynamics NAV project.

No matter how complicated your situation is with your partner and your project, your Dynamics NAV solution can always be corrected. NAV is a flexible ERP solution and all you need is a second opinion on your existing system to identify the issues and right the wrongs. So, what should you look for in a second opinion? Before you find a new partner to provide the assessment, here are some areas that they should be able to address:

  1. Plan
    Are there any holes in your existing implementation plan? This is where you can ask questions about why milestones were missed by your current partner.
  2. Customizations
    Are there any unnecessary customizations in your existing solution? Is the underlying code created by your partner going to lock you into relying on them for maintenance in years to come?
  3. Adoption Rate
    How is your team using the solution? Maybe they need more training, or the system can be optimized better.
  4. Longevity
    What does the upgrade process look like? Will your custom reports and workflows need to be rebuilt for every upgrade? This is a major consideration post-implementation.
  5. Documentation
    Has your current partner documented everything? If not, it’s a sign of disorganization and can pose a challenge to the next partner that takes over your project.
  6. Reporting and Business Intelligence
    Has your current partner addressed how your users will create and share reports in the system after Go Live? Once again, reporting is a big part of your business, and this should never be an afterthought.

Get a Second Opinion of Your Dynamics NAV System

Now that you know what to ask, the real question is, what should you look for in the partner who will provide the second opinion of your Dynamics NAV solution? Based on our own experience working on Dynamics NAV rescue projects and speaking with those customers, there are some qualities and skills that are essential to success. Here are some ideas:

  • Willingness to share knowledge and work with your team
  • High customer success rate
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Talented staff with the necessary Dynamics NAV skills
  • Experience with Dynamics NAV rescues
  • Focus on long-term planning and optimizing your processes for productivity and enablement
  • Attention to hands-on training and achieving independence

Protect your business operations and feel confident in your technology by moving forward with a second opinion. We’re offering complimentary second opinion assessments to all current Dynamics NAV customers. Our experts have been in the channel for over 30 years, with expertise and industry knowledge comparable to none. Get your second opinion by clicking the link below to book a meeting with one of our team members!