Cloud-Based ERP and CRM to Grow your Business

Dynamics 365 is exactly what you need to manage your entire business under one roof. We know Dynamics and this product is the perfect choice for companies looking for structured processes, enhanced productivity, and increased operational visibility for an affordable monthly fee. With our extensive product and industry expertise, we can help you adapt Dynamics 365 to meet your specific requirements with the right set of apps.

Dynamics 365 Services:

  • Implementation

    Choose a Dynamics 365 partner who can design and deploy the right solution to run your business

  • Training

    Prepare your team for a new system with the best hands-on training and knowledge-transfer

  • Support

    Keep our Dynamics 365 experts on speed dial for any questions or emergencies

  • CRM

    Tailor your Dynamics 365 system for sales, customer service, and profitability

How to Select the Right Software Solutions Partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV or 365 Business Central  

Don’t Put Your Business at Risk – Get the Right Partner

The wrong technology relationship can ruin a lot of good things.

Prepare yourself for a great Dynamics NAV or 365 Business Central experience with our 7 expert tips – including sample interview questions and a reference check form.

Make the best choice now and enjoy a stress-free relationship with your Dynamics solution, and partner, for life.

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Infuse Efficiency into Every Business Process

Unlike most ERP solutions out there, the Dynamics 365 cloud platform is designed to bring all your data sources together with one data model to create a single view of processes, relationships, and data. As a result, you get to reap the rewards of real-time information flow, seamless software updates, and easy add-on integration.

Give Your Employees the Tools They Need to Deliver Results

People are your biggest asset. Reward them with an easy-to-use interface they already know how to use and quick cloud access to the necessary tools they need to do their jobs. With everything built into one system, including business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Dynamics 365 is the business management tool for the overachievers.

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Change the way your sales and customer services teams do business with a connected tool that improves visibility into customer interactions, drives performance with deeper insights, and uncovers new opportunities throughout the sales cycle. With Tigunia as your Dynamics 365 partner, we can help you implement a solution that keeps your pipeline full and helps you close deals faster.

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