Olympic Supply Company

Tigunia helped Olympic Supply Company refine processes, increase processing speed, and improve the B2B dealer experience with Business Central and Shopify.


Dynamics 365 Business Central, TigSI


Olympic Supply Company


Brian Goniu

Job Title

Director of Operations




Distribution, Retail (B2B)
Olympic Supply Company
Tigunia took a hands-on approach to the entire Business Central implementation. They were able to connect with the people in the office, understand where we needed improvements, and continually provide support and guidance.
Brian Goniu

The Challenge:

Olympic Supply Company is a family-owned business that has been in the bicycle industry since 1948. They sell and distribute to 650 dealers in the Midwest, maintaining a hands-on sales team to help meet with and educate shop managers on the products. On the precipice of the busiest bike season ever, OLS knew it was time to update their inadequate accounting solution. Not only were they having problems maintaining the antiquated system, but they struggled to manage their 13,000+ products and website. As a B2B distributor, they needed to provide live inventory that their accounting software and Magento website were not capable of. This caused extensive order delays and often resulted in lost revenue and missed opportunities. According to Brian Goniu, the Director of Operations at OLS, the company’s biggest challenge was finding B2B support. “Our B2B clients have a lot of different needs,” explains Brian. “They’re ordering multiple times a week and relying on our site on a daily basis.” Luckily, their network and systems specialist knew a company that would be a good fit and pointed them towards Tigunia.

The Solution:

OLS had a well-written plan of their must-have functionality, including real-time inventory and a better website that was easier to search and find products for its B2B customers. When they met and presented the potential project to Tigunia, the two teams clicked instantly. Tigunia understood their unique business model and provided the outside perspective and B2B insight and experience OLS needed to reduce bottlenecks and make improvements. In the middle of the bike boom of 2020, Tigunia worked around the clock and implemented Business Central in 10 weeks. Compared to the 10 months it took to install their older accounting system, this was a huge win for OLS. Business Central was a big step up from their existing system but also involved significant process changes. To help with user adoption and change management, Tigunia worked on-site and side-by-side with the OLS team to provide the hands-on user training and support they needed. “They literally sat here and worked with us the entire time,” explains Brian. “It made the process a lot easier and helped us adapt to the new technology and processes quickly.”

The Result:

Fresh off their quick Business Central implementation, OLS has seen significant time-saving and process efficiency improvements. Despite the supply chain issues, cycling has had a huge upswing in popularity, and now the team can process things a lot more quickly to keep up. Since moving from Magento eCommerce to the Shopify platform, complaints on the website have been down 40%. The B2B dealers like the website experience better, and OLS can troubleshoot and get support much easier. The OLS team is currently refining their process and looking for new ways to continuously improve and build on the dealer experience. “The nice thing about Tigunia is that they understand our small seasonal business,” says Brian. “They are willing to wait until next June when the cash flow is strong to go through the next series of system and website upgrades.”

The nice thing about Tigunia is that they understand our small seasonal business and are willing to wait until next June when the cash flow is strong to go through the next series of system and website upgrades.
Brian Goniu