Gain Actionable Insights Based on Accurate Data

Your Microsoft Dynamics solution does a great job at collecting valuable data across your operations, but it’s not necessarily the easiest to access, and reporting is always a challenge. As a result, many customers end up spending too much time, resources, and dollars trying to get the reports and dashboards they need, in the time they need them. The good news is, there are some cost-effective and simple reporting and business intelligence solutions out there that can easily integrate with your existing ERP and CRM software. And Tigunia can help you find them.

Build Your Own Flexible Reports and Dashboards

Your success is determined by how well you collect, process, and interpret your data. If you’re struggling with error-prone manual processes, inconsistent reporting, or costly custom reports that will need to be rewritten when you upgrade, it’s time to make a change. With the right intelligence tools, you can create the reports you need to drive better communication, productivity, and decision making.

When evaluating reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, here are some important features to compare:

  • Real-time Financial Reporting
  • Pre-built Report Templates
  • Multi-Company Consolidation
  • Flexible Formatting and Design
  • Report Management
  • Mobile and Web Access

Make Confident Business Decisions with Total Operational Visibility

Implementing a business intelligence solution can be a big undertaking, but its purpose is quite simple – to produce one complete view of your data that you can use to report, respond, and drive decision making. When evaluating business intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, here are some of the essential components to consider:

  • Pre-built Reports, KPIs, and Business Dashboards
  • Pre-Built Data Warehouse and Cubes
  • Quick BI Customization Options
  • Data Management
  • Automated Data Migration

Complete Data Access with Jet Global

We consistently rely on and recommend our chosen ISV – Jet Global, for improved financial reporting and business intelligence. Built specifically for the reporting and analytical needs of Microsoft Dynamics users, Jet Global’s wide array of products are known throughout the channel for their ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and rapid time-to-value.


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Looking for Reporting and Business Intelligence Support?

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With Report Support from Tigunia, you can access training and ongoing support for all of your business intelligence initiatives, including:

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day, can you risk not knowing what to do with it? We don’t think so. It’s time you get more familiar with the features and functionality of your reporting and analytics solutions, to become true experts with the ability to make a real impact on the organization.

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