Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience – See What’s Coming

February 11, 2022
News, Small Business, Technology
2 min read

Have you heard?

Microsoft has begun the rollout of the New Commerce Experience (NCE), a unified billing platform that consolidates subscription and license management. This will enable partners like Tigunia to facilitate your licensing and service requests more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced price increases for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 SKUs, effective March 1, 2022. This is only for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, and Office 365 E5.

No other Microsoft or Tigunia products will be affected by this update.

The good news is, if you’re able to commit to a new annual or 3-year term, you’ll get a discount over the monthly term pricing.

The better news is, if you’re able to commit to a new annual or 3-year term BEFORE March 1, 2022, you’ll get to keep your current pricing through Nov 30, 2022.

The best news is, Tigunia is here to help guide you through this process. We’re an established Microsoft Solutions partner with years of experience and a staff of experts equipped to answer all your questions about changes with the NCE and any other Microsoft products and services.

Our main goal is always to provide you with the highest level of service and support, as well as to ensure you have the products and services you need to be successful.

Whether you’re thinking about adding new licenses on these SKUs or have been using them for years, the deadline to act is Feb. 25 – Contact Tigunia today to lock in pricing!