Are You Being Nickel-and-Dimed by Your Dynamics NAV Partner?

January 28, 2020
Microsoft Dynamics, NAV
5 min read

Almost all of our 100+ Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer base has experienced large-scale project implementation failure in some form or another. It may start as a few missed deadlines but if not solved early on, these problems can quickly turn into excess costs, misaligned expectations, and a partner not fully invested in your success.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about one of the most common reasons for Dynamics NAV implementation failure: cost.

Let’s face it Dynamics NAV implementation projects are complicated. What is required to plan, design, install, and implement the software is unfamiliar to the average person – which is why every customer invests in an experienced partner to guide them through the process. Unfortunately, in a network of thousands of specialized Dynamics NAV partners, some consultants know where to “nickel-and-dime” you.

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The True Cost of Dynamics NAV

There are many hidden costs to software implementation and ownership, well beyond the initial sticker price. While software licenses are predictable, there are many other areas in your implementation that are not. From initial analysis, installation, and setup, to development and training, it’s important to have a full understanding of what is required over a 5-year period. This includes:

  • Annual maintenance or subscription costs
  • Hardware costs
  • Customization costs
  • Training fees
  • IT staff to manage the system
  • Support services
  • Upgrade fees

On-premise or in the cloud, it’s important to map out all areas of predictable and unpredictable costs to calculate your return on investment and prepare your company for any risk. When you take into account everything you need to implement Dynamics NAV into your business, there is a ton of room for error and your partner knows that.

That’s why we have seen so many rescue cases where a customer is in financial turmoil over all of the additional charges from their implementation project. Their partner sold them on solutions or customizations to their Dynamics NAV system that they didn’t need, and they ended up with hefty cost overages and an incomplete software solution.

5 Signs That Your Dynamics NAV Partner is Nickel-and-Diming You

The term “nickel-and-dimed” means to cause damage by taking away many small amounts of money. In a Dynamics NAV implementation, this happens all the time in the form of out-of-scope services and change orders.

So, how do you know when your partner is motivated by money and looks at you as a figurative cash cow? Generally, you can tell there is something wrong by the way they have setup your system, the unnecessarily complex code they have written, and the specific customizations they have recommended. Coding and customization changes have a tendency to lock you in permanently, because most customers don’t have the full-time IT resources or programming knowledge to manage and maintain it. When you can’t do it yourself, you will forever be reliant on your partner for changes and upgrades to that customization or specific code.

Here are 5 signs your Dynamics NAV is nickel-and-diming you:

  1. Every new feature or project has a costly price tag and requires extensive customization
  2. It takes you longer than one day to get a report
  3. When you go to upgrade, the projected cost is similar to your initial implementation
  4. You have unexplained reconciliation errors in your subledgers or all ledgers
  5. You are completely reliant on your partner for everything related to NAV

The goal in any large-scale business software implementation should always be independence. Once you go live, your users should be fully trained to take over the system and move forward without reliance on your partner. Apart from new functionality, specific customizations, and upgrades, you should be able to handle your system on your own. If that’s not the case, it might be time to reconsider your existing Dynamics NAV partner.

8 Ways to Know It’s Time for a New Dynamics NAV Partner

99% of our existing Dynamics NAV customer base are considered rescues. From missed deadlines to business disruption, find out how to avoid ERP software implementation failure. This whitepaper will help you identify the signs of failure and decide on your next best course of action in order to successfully implement Dynamics NAV in your business.


Get a Second Opinion of Your Dynamics NAV System

While commonly used in healthcare, a second opinion is a great way to get an evaluation of your existing Dynamics NAV implementation. If you are experiencing any of the 5 common signs your Dynamics NAV partner has outgrown you, why not get the advice of another Dynamics NAV professional? They can help assess your current plan and share recommendations for improvement.

Don’t get hit with costly delays and overages. For a second opinion, book an assessment with our seasoned team of Dynamics NAV experts. We can help give you the peace of mind you’re looking for – and the path forward to Dynamics NAV success you need.