Webinar: B2B eCommerce trends: See what business leaders had to say in the latest Dynamicweb report

May 25, 2022

See how eCommerce and Self-Service Portals are transforming the B2B landscape. In partnership with Sapio Research, Dynamicweb surveyed hundreds of B2B business leaders across the USA and Europe for their thoughts on the top goals, benefits, and future plans for B2B eCommerce investment.

B2B businesses look to replicate the benefits of online purchasing seen in B2C, but tailored to their professional customers. In fact, of those surveyed, about two-thirds (62%) of B2B businesses currently have an eCommerce customer self-service portal. Of those, more than half of their revenue (52%) is generated through their online channel.

Join us for a webinar with Dynamicweb on May 25th as we discuss the data and insights gathered from their latest report on B2B eCommerce!

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Key findings and trends in B2B eCommerce
  • The benefits of B2B storefronts, portals, and sales-assisted selling
  • Adding PIM (Product Information Management) to the data map
  • See a Dynamicweb Demo

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