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Webinar: Business Intelligence: Using Data to Make Your Business More Intelligent

March 3, 2022
Everyone knows about business intelligence, right? Data, reports, dashboards.... But what does it take to do BI really well?
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Backup and Disaster Recovery: A Primer on Protecting Your Business

February 23, 2022
Join Tigunia for an informative webinar on backup and disaster recovery and how you can keep your business data protected.
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Go Global with Dynamics eShop eCommerce Solutions

February 8, 2022
Join Tigunia and Dynamics eShop to learn how their eCommerce tools can help take your online store to the next level.
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Webinar: Streamline Your Accounts Receivable Processes with AR Automation

January 19, 2022
Join us as we show you how Versapay’s Automated AR Platform can transform your current Accounts Receivable Process.
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Webinar: Next Level Business Central Reporting

December 8, 2021
Join Tigunia's Director of Business Intelligence Ryan Paterson as he explores Business Central reporting out of the box and some upgrades that fill in crucial reporting gaps.
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Webinar: What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Fall 2021 Updates

November 17, 2021
Join two of Tigunia's top Business Central experts Kris Ruyeras and Dave Wiser as they explore the key updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2021 release wave 2.
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Streamline Your Human Capital Management with Direct Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

October 6, 2021
Join Tigunia's Director of Sales Tristan Threlkeld and ADP's District Manager for Strategic Partnerships Josh Reed as they discuss the new partnership between Tigunia and ADP, what's in it for our customers, and a brief overview of ADP's new integration between ADP Workforce Now and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
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Webinar: GL Budgets in BC: Become a Budget Reporting Superstar

August 11, 2021
Join Tigunia Solutions Consultant Dave Wiser as he explores BC's ability to enter and report on budget numbers as well as comparing those numbers to actual results.
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Webinar: TigSI Show-and-Tell

July 28, 2021
Join us for a show-and-tell with technical account manager and Tigunia apps expert Laura Schmitz to discuss Tigunia's newest app, TigSI.
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