Webinar: How to Deliver MORE Than a Shopping Cart Experience

February 19, 2020
Events, News, Technology
2 min read

e-commerce integration

Choosing the right e-commerce platform can take your business from basic to booming – but how? What are all the things you should consider, and how do you maximize your revenues?

As your dedicated technology advisor, Tigunia is here to help you find the right solutions to grow your business and improve operational efficiency. We are partnering with Dynamicweb to invite you to a one of a kind web event that will show you how a good e-commerce platform can simultaneously improve your customer’s shopping experience while helping you turn a larger profit.


  • What a NAV or Business Central integrated e-commerce experience looks like on the front-end
  • How a single platform back-end supports time savings and an elevated customer experience
  • Money-saving and money-making e-commerce features you need to consider
  • How easy to use payment and checkout improve your bottom line
  • Metric and reporting functionality that will give you a competitive advantage
  • What mobile optimization means, and why it matters
  • And more…

Join Us, Tuesday, February 25th at 11:00am Pacific time!

With Tigunia, you guarantee access to the right-fit technology solutions for any sized IT department. We can help you review, select, and integrate an e-commerce platform into your organization that transforms your website into much more than a shopping cart.

Won’t you join us?