Tigunia Leverages Business Intelligence Team to Deliver Jet Analytic Adapter to Market Amid Pressures to Upgrade to the Cloud

March 17, 2020
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MILWAUKEE, WI – Following on the expansion of the business intelligence team last year, Tigunia has stayed true to its plan to become the indisputable leader in Jet Reports and Jet Analytics services and support, and has launched an adapter for the increasingly popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Developed by the resources originally responsible for building the Jet Analytics solution, AdaptBC for Analytics allows businesses to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV or purchase Dynamics 365 Business Central, and still get the same fast, accurate results as previous versions enabled.

The Jet Analytics solution was initially built to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and later expanded to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX. As Microsoft continued to evolve its business process management solutions to meet the cloud-first, mobile-first strategy, it launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, aimed at helping more small-to-midsized operations move to a feature-rich and functional ERP solution in the cloud.

The Jet Analytics product was purchased by insightsoftware as part of the acquisition of Jet Global in April of 2019. Since then, several original developers and service delivery professionals have been working at Tigunia to develop an adapter that allows Jet Analytics to work, as intended, even within the confines of the new Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

“Jet Analytics has always been a product designed to help people get the data they need in the format they want,” says Ron Summers, VP of Business Intelligence at Tigunia. “A major part of the vision for Jet Analytics was to enable self-service business intelligence at any level in an organization, and up until the launch of Business Central, it did just that. With Business Central, changes were made to the underlying data structure, which limited both the ease and efficacy of Jet Analytics and introduced additional resource requirements to accomplish the same task. I know the power of Jet Analytics and a proper data warehouse, and I knew that bridging that gap was going to become increasingly important for our customers, and anyone else using Jet Analytics now and hoping to move to Business Central. We decided that being the standard in business intelligence support and service in this market meant this was our challenge to solve, so we developed the AdaptBC for Analytics extension to meet this need.”

And the need is expanding. Microsoft is pushing its Business Central ERP solution while sunsetting the previous versions of the product, and making plans to move even further into a cloud-first world. Combine that with the increasing demand for business analytics and data scrutiny for organizations across the globe, and an affordable, adaptable solution is going to become highly sought. And as Jet Analytics installs continue to soar in the market, this adapter could not come at a better time for Microsoft customers and their partners.

“We started building the adapter in response to the customer challenges we saw on the horizon,” says Bret Weber, COO of Tigunia. “We knew we were going to need to find a way to smooth out the functionality of Jet Analytics in Business Central if we were going to continue supporting our customers through their BI journey. As we’ve built the tool and spoken to other partners, we realized that this isn’t just something we needed for our customers, it’s something we needed to offer to the broader market. Even if we’re competing on core ERP services, we can impact the entire data ecosystem by helping solve the challenges that plague us all. In this instance, that challenge is to make Jet Analytics work for all organizations using Business Central.”

In its current form, Jet Analytics is limited when integrated into Business Central, especially if the solution is deployed on the popular Microsoft Azure Cloud. These limitations prevent companies from getting the full business visibility promised by Jet Analytics, as third-party applications can only access pre-defined, static cubes and queries. The results are further limited by restricted access to customized fields and add-on data, and the fact that standard analytics are not compatible with Business Central Essentials. Finally, queries are not localized for regional deployments.

With AdaptBC for Analytics, Jet Analytics reverts back to its original form, removing all these limitations, decreasing costs, and once again eliminating the need for a developer to help build and run customized queries. Tigunia has plans to expand this adapter to work with other analytics solutions in the future.

Learn more about AdaptBC for Analytics.

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