Tigunia and Stealth-ISS Announce Partnership to Streamline Your Operations

October 19, 2022
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Tigunia: Greg Newby, greg@tigunia.com

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Tigunia and Stealth-ISS Announce Partnership to Streamline Your Operations

Two reputable providers join forces to provide superior B2B support

Tigunia and Stealth-ISS Group announced a new partnership this month. This partnership provides end-users a solution with which they can get hands-on IT services from Tigunia combined with security auditing, full service 24/7 managed security and compliance services from Stealth-ISS.

“You never want security and compliance to be an afterthought,” said James Nicholas, VP of Information Technology at Tigunia. “We work together from the beginning of a project so companies don’t have to shop for a different vendor and hope we mesh properly.”

Tigunia’s side of this partnership focuses on all the things you expect from Tigunia – hands-on IT services that include hosting, IT security, backup and disaster recovery, business continuity planning, cloud services, network server support, maintenance and other IT consulting services and solutions.

Stealth-ISS contributions to the partnership provide solutions for security and compliance. In coordination with Tigunia, they manage needs like security and privacy auditing, incident investigation and response, reporting and compliance documentation.

“Security monitoring, incident response and compliance are our main activities,” said Dasha Deckwerth, President and Founder of Stealth-ISS. “A big problem that often occurs is getting in touch with the MSP or people who actively manage the devices to help solve an issue. Our partnership with Tigunia helps streamline those responses.”

Now more than ever, with continuously increasing regulatory compliance needs (e.g., CMMC) and cyber insurance requirements, many companies are transitioning into more compliant and secure environments or upgrading their systems. This is where the partnership between Tigunia and Stealth-ISS Group shows the client its true benefits. From project start and design phase, both companies are collaborating on a continuous basis to make sure the final product is operational, secure and compliant to meet clients’ business and industry requirements.

“This is extremely beneficial to any client,” Nicholas said. “As Stealth ISS handles auditing needs and Tigunia handles production and deployment, the client gets a secure and accountable product outcome.”

Whatever the reason for the needs, Tigunia and Stealth-ISS provide a streamlined, all-in-one solution from one place, saving you time and money, especially when response time and compliance matters.


About Tigunia

Tigunia offers right-sized technology solutions for any sized business. With platform, ERP, CRM, reporting, and analytics as part of the core managed services, delivered only by high quality, seasoned IT resources, Tigunia has everything an organization needs to run the enterprise successfully at the most competitive price.

Website: www.tigunia.com.

About Stealth – ISS® Group Inc.

Stealth – ISS® Group Inc., established in 2002 and headquartered in Tampa, FL., is a privately-owned Women-owned and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business providing Information Technology Security Consulting with a main focus on security, regulatory compliance and risk management. The services are delivered as Cyber Security Consulting and Audit, Professional Cyber Security for project and tool implementation and configurations as well as Managed Security Services consisting of 24/7 Security Operations and Incident Response.Stealth-ISS Group is on the GSA Schedule 70 including all Cyber (HACS) SINs, has a NATO BOA, and a candidate C3PAO CMMC company with a mission to deliver high quality service to its clients. Stealth-ISS Group was listed on Inc.500 list in 2018 and 2019 and placed in the Top10 on the VET50 list in 2019.

Website: www.stealth-iss.com