Make Your Power BI Reports Mobile-Ready at the Tigunia Virtual Forum

September 1, 2020
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We are all looking for a way to shelter our businesses from the economic downturn and adapt quickly to the changing world around us. While there’s no magical solution to completely recession-proof your business, there are practical ways to stabilize your systems and boost your chances of survival. One of those ways? Business intelligence and reporting.

Deeper insight into financial performance and total operational visibility are the keys to stability. When you have control over your data and easy access to reports and dashboards, everyone in your company is privy to the real-time information they need to react strategically and make decisions that drive the business forward. This is especially pertinent now that the global pandemic has shifted where we do our work and how we access private company data.

Not only does the data management, business intelligence, and reporting software you use need to be accurate, accessible, and integrated with your other business systems – your people need to know how to use it most effectively. And that’s what brings us to the reason behind the upcoming Tigunia Virtual Forum.

Many people spend too much time and too many resources and dollars trying to get the reports and dashboards they need, without ever succeeding. With help from our highly experienced team of data management, BI, and reporting consultants, we have the knowledge you need to make improvements to your systems and use your data proactively – starting today when you need it most.

The Tigunia Virtual Forum is a free virtual conference that includes four days of training and educational sessions designed to help you improve the way you do business. One of the four learning tracks you can choose from is specifically focused on business intelligence and reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Each of the sessions included were curated with our fellow NAV/BC users in mind and revolve around better reporting and remote work enhancements.



Business Intelligence and Reporting Sessions at the 2020 Tigunia Virtual Forum

At Tigunia, we believe that sharing our knowledge, working collaboratively with other users, and providing learning experiences are the best way to ensure we’re all successful in these times of uncertainty. Here is a full overview of the BI/Reporting sessions you can register for:

Great Business Central Integrations with Office 365 and Power Platform

Presented by our former Business Intelligence VP, recently turned President, Ron Summers, this is a technical session all about how you can get your hands your data in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Ron will walk you through how to extract data through the Power Platform (including Power Forms and Power Flow) and how to quickly build and create a custom interface into your ERP data.

In just under 60 minutes (there will be enough time to ask questions directly), he will also show you how to use office applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to connect with Business Central for real-time data analysis.

Enabling Remote Data Analysis with the Power BI Data Gateway

As more and more businesses rely heavily on MSPs to handle their IT infrastructure, there is a need for experts who can reliably access data-driven insights for informed decision making. One of the ways you can securely provide reporting and analytics derived both from data that isn’t in the cloud and data from several Microsoft cloud services, is an on-premise data gateway

Presented by Tigunia Business Analyst, Kenya Williams, this session will teach you how to use an on-premises data gateway to build and consume Power BI reports and dashboards online using onsite data. On-premises data gateways are free to use, free to set up, and offer a level of authentication and real-time insight you need. Kenya will discuss the case for remote analysis, the different types of on-premises data gateways, and when you might need them and give some practical examples of using an on-premises data gateway for your remote analysis needs.

I’m Off-Site: How Can I Run Reports?

Many people have recently had to shift from working at the office to working entirely off-site. While specific tasks can be done easily enough, many people struggle with getting their hands on the data that they’ve grown accustomed to seeing. Whether your reports are in Power BI, Jet Reports, or Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS), there are integrated, secure solutions that can help you and your users run reports remotely.

Presented by Ryan Paterson, VP of Business Intelligence at Tigunia, this session will take a deep dive into the many remote options available to you, no matter what type of reports you’re used to.

Jet Analytics Powered by TimeXtender – Accessing for Business Central Data

If you are one of the many companies suffering from standalone data in disparate databases or inconsistent datasets, it’s time to fix the problem and feel confident that the data you see every day is as accurate as it can possibly be.

This is where a data automation tool, like TimeXtender, can really shine. Our in-house data management guru, Ryan, will show you how this data management platform can extract data from as many sources as you have and compile all of your business rules at one time into a single platform – without writing any code. By automating this process, you can instantly speed up and simplify your reporting practices and instantly start seeing the right data in the correct form and ready for analysis.

Making Your Power BI Reports ‘Mobile-Ready’

As you probably already know, Power BI is an outstanding tool for creating self-service analytic dashboards and a great way to share important data and insights with colleagues. But have you thought about putting those insights into their hands on their existing mobile devices?

The Power BI mobile apps deliver live, touch-enabled mobile access to your on-premises business information in Power BI Report Server and SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS). Kenya will be leading the charge in this presentation, showing you how you can give a mobile-friendly Daily Sales Report to your executive team so they can begin to formulate a game plan for continuing yesterday’s success or overcoming yesterday’s obstacles before switching to Clash of Clans or Pokémon GO!

Join Kenya in this working session on how to present mobile Power BI reports and dashboards differently to make them easier to digest. You will learn key factors to consider when getting “mobile-ready,” and how to build and share your own mobile reports.

Expand Your Business Central BI and Reporting Skills at the Tigunia Virtual Forum

If you’re looking for some expert help and advice on preparing, enriching, and optimizing your critical business systems, register today. It all starts on September 21st, where we are kicking off the forum with a keynote presentation from Microsoft on the latest enhancements in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We have a full four-day lineup of other great learning tracks as well, including general Business Central enhancements, IT/hosting, and industry-specific sessions. You can find all of the session descriptions here:


When you register, you will receive a confirmation email with everything you need to know about the conference, including the finalized schedule and links to sign up for each individual session. If you are interested in any of the sessions but cannot attend on the day of, register anyway, and we will send you the recordings after the event! We will only be sharing recordings with registrants.