Connect Business Central to Your Shopify Store with TigSI

December 10, 2021
4 min read

It’s impossible to grow your eCommerce business without the right data in front of you. When you’re managing a standalone eCommerce solution that is separate from your ERP solution, you won’t have the insight to answer key questions like:

  • What products are selling best?
  • Which products are losing money and should be replaced/removed?
  • Are my customers able to track their orders?
  • Are our products available to customers in the easiest, most convenient way?

The cause of this is isolated islands of data or data silos. If your Shopify eCommerce solution doesn’t integrate with your Dynamics 365 Business Central system, it takes a significant amount of time and effort to consolidate all that data and turn it into something tangible. You have valuable information in both systems, but the disconnect prevents you from truly using that data to improve your business.

From retailers to distributors, here are some of the most common pain points that every company experiences when juggling separate ERP and eCommerce platforms:

  1. Manual, duplicate data entry and order processing
  2. Time-consuming data consolidation with increased risk of errors
  3. Inaccurate reporting and limited visibility
  4. Missed notifications of customers, internal sources, and third-party fulfillment services
  5. Mismatched inventory levels
  6. Inconsistent shopping experienced
  7. Reduced process efficiency and barriers to growth

At Tigunia, we specialize in developing solutions that help our customers use Dynamics 365 Business Central better and make life easier for their users. We have a strong background working with eCommerce platforms and noticed that our Shopify customers were losing valuable time and money on the duplicate data entry and manual processes that come with handling two separate systems. Our solution? A custom connector we call Tigunia Shopify Integration (TigSI).

Sync Your Shopify Store(s) with Business Central

Your ability to efficiently capture orders, track customers, manage inventory, and collect payments is essential to your success in the eCommerce world. People want to buy from you—and you’re not going to make it easy when you have an ERP system and eCommerce platform that don’t talk to each other.

Seamless connectivity is what TigSi is designed to do.

TigSI is a custom connector between Business Central and the Shopify e-commerce platform built to instantly connect the two systems, including customers, orders, shipments, returns, on-hand inventory and more. Directly integrated into your Business Central system and role center, TigSI is simple and easy to use. It was also designed for fast implementation, with a plug-and-play model that can have you up and running in just a few weeks.

So, who benefits from an integration tool like TigSI? Well, it works for all kinds of operations such as:

  • B2B wholesalers and distributions
  • Business to consumer retail sellers
  • Business fulfillment services
  • Multiple stores and locations

TigSI is priced as a system subscription per month. It can be used with Business Central Essentials and Premium licenses and Shopify and Shopify Plus solutions. You can learn more about getting started by watching this TigSI Show-and-Tell webinar recording.

Watch TigSI Show-and-Tell Webinar

To show you how TigSI works, Tigunia’s technical account manager, Laura Schmitz, recently hosted a webinar with a detailed overview of the product. She discusses some of the common pain points experienced by companies that run separate ERP and eCommerce platforms, and then she jumps into a step-by-step demo of how TigSI integrates seamlessly into Business Central.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How the integration between Business Central and Shopify looks and works
  • What functionality and tools are included in TigSI
  • In-depth overview of specific features, including:
    • Shopify Site List
    • Shopify Product List
    • Shopify Event Entries
    • Shopify Shipping Agents


At Tigunia, our talented Business Central and eCommerce specialists can help answer any additional questions on TigSI. Please contact us for more information or to book a personalized TigSi to fit your unique requirements.