As Cybersecurity Awareness Month Ends, Remember the Basics

October 31, 2022
IT Security, Small Business
3 min read

There are constant warnings and headlines about cybersecurity. Many experts claim to have the best solution. There’s always another sales pitch for a specific product or service. On top of that, security requires you to rethink and retool some of your existing habits. It’s hard to know where to get started.

As Tigunia’s VP of IT James Nicholas argues, cybersecurity is worth prioritizing. Start with the basics, which can often carry you very far in beefing up your security. Luckily, James has already provided a primer on these important basics here.

You may be wondering, though, if this really is enough to stave off real cyber threats. After all, the Department of Justice infamously referred to 2021 as the “worst year” for ransomware attacks. The year of 2022 could very well snatch that title away from 2021, if the trend continues.

In the past few months alone, threat actors targeted attacks against public sector organizations, including hospitalsschools and even an entire government. The private sector is also grappling with the worsening ransomware threat, with attackers claiming a number of high-profile victims such as AMDFoxconn and Nvidia.

If massive corporations, like Nvidia, and entire governments can fall victim to ransomware and other cyberattacks, how can Joe Smith Inc. or a small startup protect themselves?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) calls out some of the basics that can be implemented with relative ease and little cost.

These include the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (particularly one that requires the input of code rather than a button press), email hygiene, automated application and system updates, and continuing education on serious issues.

For additional information and resources, NIST contains a wealth of knowledge for those looking to get started:

Staying ahead of the curve on cybersecurity can be difficult and time-consuming. However, it’s very necessary.

If you’d like to pass of some of the legwork, contact Tigunia today and explore your options. And this month, as with every month, we invite you to #BeCyberSmart.