Preparing for Google and Yahoo Email Security Changes

February 1, 2024
IT and Security
2 min read

A more secure email world

Google and Yahoo are two of the largest email service providers in the world, and on February 1st they implemented bold new restrictions on what email they will accept for their users.  By enforcing stricter policies on email authentication, they aim to weed out fraudulent emails and enhance the overall security posture of their platforms. 
The biggest change? Google and Yahoo now are targeting mail systems that send more than 5000 messages a day to them.  Such senders also need to ensure that their sending domains have the correct Domain Name System (DNS) records in place to ensure proper delivery.  The records in question are SPF, DMARC, and DKIM – each representing a method used to ensure mail is being sent from legitimate senders. 

These methods are not new and have been integral to ensuring proper email delivery for many email systems for years.  What is new is the Google and Yahoo policies of rejecting mail based on compliance with these standards.   

Tigunia proactively ensures that our platform managed clients are prepared for this change, but not every business was.  We offer services that not only ensure companies are not impacted by Google and Yahoo’s new policy, but also effectively manage mail delivery across all providers. 
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