Systems Technician

Position Description (Abstract):

This role is part of the managed services group of Tigunia, which handles end user support request, initial triage of issues, client endpoints, network & server patching, monitoring, alerting, related break fix support and remediation for a wide variety of customers ranging from small to enterprise companies.

In this more experienced operations role, one will interface directly with customers and their systems and collaborate with internal teams to complete objectives. This is an active, hands-on role which relies on problem solving capabilities and self-reliance. Team members in this role will be expected to be able to provide more advanced systems administration and troubleshooting, while acting as a supporting or escalation resource for other team members. This position requires the ability to prioritize disparate support requests and juggle those requests against some project load.

We expect each of our platform team members to take to heart and embody our core values, while demonstrating these critical attributes:

  1. Deliberate in Action; know the expected outcome. Every action should either gain more information for you or solve the problem. Do not just guess to reboot.
  2. Detailed in Triage; know how to unpack an issue so that others can understand, or you can understand it better. (Listing out what is known on an issue/ providing good escalation notes when needed or notating the details of a case succinctly)
  3. Diligence in Operation; consistency in tasks and upholding standards, including maintenance, patching, client support, and doing it all with a smile.

Escalation resources are held to a high standard, and much of that standard can be encapsulated in the following three core concepts:

  1. Capable to Lead in a technical space; ability to work collaboratively, provide instructions to, and take criticisms from others. Attitude, Communication, and intentional thought should be put into every action. As a role model for other team members, “take the worry”.
  2. Cognizant of “the why”; this means thinking deeply about the impacts of what you are doing. Always driving forward to improve themselves and the team operationally and technically. This means understanding our technologies, but also researching and working with new solutions, understanding the purpose of said solution, as well as the behind the scenes on that solution. An escalation resource must have a drive for knowledge and technical engagement.
  3. Comfortable with unknown; dropping into the deep end, with little guidance, especially when others have not already explored the issue, tool, product, or solution. The thought process for unpacking the engagement, organizing it and handling actions under pressure; requires an unflappable demeanor and logical, but sometimes imaginative thinking.

Escalation Team Service Responsibilities:

  1. Platform Security
  2. Azure Services
  3. Tigunia Hosting Services
  4. Client Platform Project Technical Direction
  5. Escalated Support Services Requests
  6. Product/Solution Configuration and Design

Technical Duties: 

  • Perform technical lead on projects and implementation / go-live operations
  • Architect or design technical components for projects in conjunction with a Technical Account Manager, Project Managment or Sales team member where appropriate.
  • Review, Modify, and support the design elements of client environments.
  • Adjust monitors and scripts to match expectations, increase visibility and reduce noise
  • Assist other team members with escalated cases or operational issues.
  • Maintain / upgrade internal systems.
  • Internal & client network and systems diagnostics
  • Deploy system patches in accordance to defined SOPs.
  • Responsible for implementing, tuning, and maintaining server environments
  • Actively seek out opportunities to improve existing practices, procedures, and technology implementations
  • Deploy security/bug fixes to VM hosts and perform any other planned maintenance activities on an established cycle
  • Maintain awareness of VMware or Hyper-V software patches and their impact on the environment
  • Consult with clients regarding their infrastructure and best practices to meet business needs
  • Issue problem, change, and request tickets when necessary for both Infrastructure and customer environments.
  • When appropriate, escalate issues quickly and efficiently to solve problems.
  • Other tasks as appropriate.

Operational Duties (Recurring Expectations):

  • Perform consultations with clients on appropriate solution options & related design.
  • Peer review of completed projects
  • Maintain / upgrade internal systems.
  • Provide 2nd level support for issues that arise/escalated from 1st level
  • Review and Approval of SOPs write ups
  • Investigate solutions for challenges that arise.
  • Test / QA possible new technologies and solutions.
  • Implement projects while following set out standards.
  • Provide active feedback and insight if above stated standards should be changed.
  • Work with TAMs/PMs to ensure expectations are communicated to clients
  • Aid all members who require it as needed in completing tasks
  • Provide training to all members who require it as needed
  • Continuous learning and Development of technical skills.
  • Proper documentation of all work in IT Glue.
  • Enter all phone calls or emails into the case management system for each case actioned
  • Enter time for each actioned case or project task daily.
  • Respond to owned cases within applicable SLA in accordance with department procedures.
  • Follow up on all assigned cases daily (unless in a status indicating a wait)
  • Document inbound support requests with the CMS (Case Management System) in detail before escalating to higher resource
  • Use CRM home dashboard to ensure assigned case and project workload is getting actioned
  • Ensure clients are consistently communicated through cases on a regular basis
  • Availability and responsiveness when participating in an on-call rotation
  • Must work some holidays and have the flexibility to work extra shifts as required by management
  • Perform written and verbal turnover of open issues/upcoming maintenance at the end of each on-call shift.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Work Priority
    • Cases assigned to you
    • New client support requests
    • Client Security Alerts
    • Systems Alerts & Backup Alerts
    • Maintenance Projects
    • Tigunia non-billable

Measurable Targets (KPIs):

  • Response Time SLA success average above 90% for all owned cases
  • Case closure rate before 5 business days of 80%
  • Maintain target 75% of time weekly allocated to client billable work, with minimum 50%.
  • Quality of client communications (individually measured)
  • Quality and accuracy of case classifications
  • Quality of case resolutions and resolution notes
  • Prompt feedback and notes on all project engagements
  • Measurable contribution (To be determined monthly) to LMS and ITG documentation and training systems monthly.
  • Team Lead feedback pertaining to other objectives related service area targets (such as project completion, timelines, budgets, support escalations, or other defined expectations)

Learning and Skill Objectives:

  • Familiarity with all Tigunia tools
  • Familiarity to admin and install from scratch: ADDS, AAD, O365 Exchange, RDS Collections, BC/NAV Instances, MSSQL, IIS
  • MCSA or equivalent (Tentative AZ-104)
  • CCNA or equivalent
  • AZ-100

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