Marketing – Advertising Coordinator

Position Description (Abstract):

The advertising coordinator is responsible for planning and executing lead generation campaigns to support Tigunia’s product and service advertising and business growth initiatives. The ideal candidate will have 5-8 years of experience managing paid media and advertising buying with a focus on digital.

In coordination with marketing department leaders and other Tigunia leadership, the marketing coordinator will build plans describing how they will use paid media and advertising strategies and tactics to build awareness of our products, apps, and labor services as well as generate leads interested in working with Tigunia in those areas of business. They are also responsible for executing those plans, recording metrics, updating each plan as needed, coordinating other staff assisting on any particular campaign, and ultimately generating leads to create business for the company.

This position will also be responsible for liaising with assigned internal departments and taking ownership of collaborative campaigns for specific product lines.


  • Create paid media lead generation campaigns to support company-wide marketing initiatives
    • Campaign scheduling
    • Assets needed
    • Tactics involved
    • Budget requirements
  • Execute planned paid media campaigns
    • Engage with internal and external subject matter experts as needed
    • Provide reporting and insights gained from these campaigns
    • Update plans as needed and as campaign insights dictate
    • Coordinate other staff assisting on these campaigns in any capacity
  • Audit and maintain advertising spending
    • Audit and record existing advertising initiatives
    • Brainstorm and plan new initiatives
    • Coordinate internal staff or outsourcers as needed to support these initiatives
  • Manage product-specific lead generation campaigns as assigned
    • Work with marketing team to strategize and build lead generation campaigns for different departments
    • Coordinate asset creation and inbound marketing tactics as per campaign strategy
    • Provide status updates for assigned lead generation campaigns
  • Assist with creation, implementation, and management of SEO/PPC keyword target lists and reporting
  • Manage, in conjunction with others on the team, Tigunia’s SEO strategy and implementation

Measurable Targets (KPIs):

  • Take ownership and drive performance of the marketing department’s advertising goals, in coordination with department leadership
  • Take ownership and drive performance of the marketing department’s SEO goals, in coordination with department leadership
  • Set and meet specific deadlines for all campaign activities

Learning and Skill Objectives:

  • Familiarity with all areas of the business
  • Proficiency in SEO, PPC, media buying, and all manner of online advertising
  • Familiarity with all Tigunia tools
  • Continuous Learning and Development

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