Database Administrator

Join our dynamic Business Intelligence team at Tigunia, where you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the data landscape for clients across diverse industries. As a Database Administrator, your success hinges on a unique blend of technical prowess, soft skills, and analytical acumen. You’ll need to harness your expertise in Microsoft SQL Server to meticulously scrutinize databases for performance enhancements, craft SQL queries and procedures, deploy SQL packages within a meticulously managed source-controlled environment, and adeptly convey these processes to our internal teams and valued clients.
Your responsibilities will encompass consulting on SQL server best practices, diagnosing and rectifying suboptimal system performance through your expert knowledge and company-approved tools and protocols, as well as executing seamless data imports and exports through a range of methods. You’ll also play a pivotal role in bolstering the security of Database Servers and offering insightful guidance and training on all things database related.
In this role, direct interaction with clients and their systems is the norm, necessitating collaboration to fulfill their data and business intelligence objectives. It’s an active, hands-on position that thrives on your problem-solving prowess and self-reliance. Daily, you’ll engage with an array of clients, through written communications and video conferencing, requiring adept management and prioritization of incoming requests. Additionally, adherence to client-specific naming conventions and meticulous documentation of complex designs will be key, ensuring seamless support and troubleshooting for your colleagues when needed. If you’re ready for a career where your database expertise meets client collaboration, Tigunia’s Business Intelligence team welcomes you.
The right person for this position is someone who:
Has a comprehensive understanding of the ACID Database Model: Beyond just SQL proficiency, you should have a deep grasp of the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) Database Model. You’ll be expected to not only navigate SQL statements but also articulate how they interact within a database, pinpoint potential issues, and propose enhancements.
Diverse Problem-Solving Skills: Our clients’ environments often demand flexible solutions due to constraints on data structures. You’ll need to demonstrate the ability to think creatively and offer multiple approaches to solve a single problem. Your capacity to adapt and find innovative ways to drive data changes and optimize performance will be invaluable in meeting our clients’ diverse needs.
Effective Self-Management: This role is primarily remote and entails frequent client engagements. Efficiently managing your time is crucial as you’ll be working with different clients on a project basis. Consistent and effective self-management is key to ensuring successful contract work, maximizing productivity, and maintaining clear documentation of your activities throughout each day.
•Performance Expertise: Identify and resolve performance issues using SQL tools and specialized solutions.
•Diagnostic Analysis: Analyze reports and logs to detect performance problems and deadlocks, offering swift solutions.
•Database Administration Support: Assist in planning and administering various databases to ensure seamless integration.
•Design Enhancement Recommendations: Review database designs, align them with client systems, and provide enhancement suggestions.
•SQL Proficiency: Write advanced custom SQL queries, adhering to naming conventions for data operations.
•Data Governance and Security: Manage file organization, indexing, and security procedures in line with policies.
•Collaborative Development: Collaborate with Developers to create tailored applications and processes for database needs.
•Client Advisory Role: Offer expert advice and written recommendations to clients in database matters.
•Data Model Development: Create Data Models for OLTP and OLAP Databases, complementing external structures.
•Multi-Client Database Oversight: Oversee Database Servers across multiple clients and networks for seamless operations.
•Query Optimization: Continuously optimize database performance using SQL tools and company solutions.
•Proactive Problem-Solving: Identify and resolve performance issues proactively, ensuring smooth data operations.
•Advanced SQL Mastery: Craft advanced custom SQL queries, maintaining naming conventions for efficient data operations.
Required Skills / Experience
•At least 1 year of related database experience.
•Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, a related field or equivalent experience required.
•Strong written and verbal communication skills.
•Experience in monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining SQL Server databases.
•Ability to manage time and prioritize projects to meet deadlines.
•Experience working in a cloud environment.
•Familiarity with database migration tools.
•Knowledge and experience with SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).
•Self-motivated and able to work on tasks independently.
Desired Skills / Experience
•Experience with Microsoft Business Central / NAV.
•Experience with SQL Replication.
•Experience with Power BI, Jet Reports, Jet Analytics, TimeXtender, or SSRS

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