Power BI Training

Onsite or remote training classes help bring the power of Power BI to life for your organization.

Power BI Ad-Hoc Training

Power BI is powerful, and with power comes complexity. If you’re working on a major project, trying to connect multiple data sources or are struggling to make Power BI do what you expected, we can help. Our ad-hoc training and Power BI services are designed to help you tackle your biggest Power BI challenges before you abandon it altogether. Whatever you need to learn about Power BI, we can teach you.

Onsite: 2-3 Day Power BI Training

Delivered on location to anyone who will listen, our Power BI 2-day training is an intensive look at the basics of using Power BI, including a look at Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Developer. Learn how to analyze data using different data sources, create your own data sets, and get very familiar with how all the tools and features in Power BI work together. We cover Power BI desktop data transformation and modeling, desktop visualization, connecting to an Excel data source or directly to a data store, and how to collaborate with Power BI. The optional third day puts theory into practice with hands-on help with custom dashboard and visualizations, and peer feedback.

Remote: 10-Hour Training

Our remote Power BI training offers the same great education as our onsite training, spread over more days and taken in house. You get 10 hours of dedicated training that covers all the basics and gets into advanced features. Our remote training packages include up to 3 hours of phone support from your instructor, to help you as you put your theories into practice. Power BI training from Tigunia takes Power BI from a helpful tool to a competitive driver in your organization, because we cut through the confusion to give you actionable learning.

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