Jet Reports Training

Onsite or remote training classes for every Jet Reports user.

Deep dive into the basics, then move to more advanced topics. Train one superuser or train the whole organization. Whatever you need, Tigunia makes it work.

We deliver comprehensive Jet Reports training that leaves users more confident and effective because we know what outstanding reporting can contribute to your overall business goals. Unlock the true power and potential of fast, accurate reporting by giving your team the skills they need to thrive.

Onsite: 2-3 Day Report Training

Onsite support delivered to your entire reporting and finance team from the comfort of their own office location. With our 2-day option, you get a complete deep dive into all the basics and extended functions, learn best practices for building and grouping reports, and get full education surrounding the NL function. The optional 3rd day allows for a thorough review of the GL function as well as hands-on report writing assistance from our Jet trainers.

Remote: 7 + 3 Hour Report Training

Our remote training offers greater flexibility and the ease of training users from the comfort of their own system. Remote Report Training provides 7 hours of training over 4 days, allowing ample time to put the learning into practice and come back the next day with questions. We top the remote training up with 3-hours of open time that can be used for additional training or report writing support.


Jet Analytics Ad-Hoc Training and Writing

If you need help building a specific report or set of reports, you’re troubleshooting some reporting gone wrong, or you just want someone else to take the report writing burden over, we can help. We can solve your report writing challenges, help you conceptualize the reports you need and even write the reports and help you set-up for automation with the Jet Scheduler – all you have to do is ask.

Ready for better technology and peace of mind?