Jet Analytics Training

Onsite or remote training classes for every Jet Analytics user.

Onsite: 2-3 Day Analytics Training

Train as many users as you need in our onsite training sessions in 2 days, with an optional 3rd day for individual work on report construction to meet advanced or specific needs. Learn about the database structure and Jet Ribbon, contemplate queries and filters, and get a deeper understanding of replication and data functions. Get a complete education on the NL function, and evaluate the differences between summary and detail lists. Get into cubes vs. sum functions, basic pivot tables, and Excel dashboards. All with hands-on assistance and a constant feedback loop.

Remote: 4-Day Jet Analytics Training

The ease of remote training does not diminish the impact of our Jet Analytics training sessions. You get a complete deep dive into all the fundamental and extended functions, learn about relational database basics, and how to report from the data warehouse, all from the comforts of your office. We get into basic Pivot Tables, filters, and slicers, and we’ll also take you through implementing charts and graphs and constructing a dashboard in excel. All this with ample time for questions and hands-on, peer-reviewed work.

Jet Analytics Ad-Hoc Training

Sometimes, you’re just trying to solve a problem and you need someone to help. Whether you want to start analyzing new data sets, are having trouble with multidata base consolidations, or need help with a very specific cube questions, we’ve got the Jet Analytics experts on hand to help. We can guide you through dashboard set up, and even help design the reports you need. We know that business analytics can be complex for the average users; we offer expertise, training and guidance to ensure you’re using Jet Analytics to its full potential.

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