Flexible Compute


Dedicated Server Hosting & Cloud Storage Solutions

Flexible Compute from Tigunia offers performance with best-in-class servers and cloud storage backed by physical infrastructure constructed exclusively with Microsoft and Cisco technologies. The hosting and storage client is created in a virtual cloud, meaning that its storage is completely isolated and self serviceable. You control user access, virtual machine creation, and automation as your business demands. It’s completely customizable to your computational, availability, performance, and storage needs.


Don’t Let Your Technology Hold You Back

Technology should exist to increase your productivity and to improve your business’s bottom line. When it’s not doing that, it’s failing. That’s why, with Flexible Compute, small- and medium-sized businesses get enterprise-level performance and extremely flexible pricing and scalability options. The included Virtual Data Center gives your organization the option of adding capacity or installing additional IT infrastructure without purchasing costly hardware. Your entire infrastructure is managed in the cloud, and you only pay for the resources that you use – nothing more. And with business- and industry-specific automation options, you can keep your business compliant with all industry and governmental regulations without ever worrying about it. Get the computing infrastructure that your business deserves.

Ready for better technology and peace of mind?