Optimize Business Processes with Dynamics BC Custom Development

Tailor BC to meet your unique business needs.

Extend Beyond your Original Business Requirements

Out-of-the-box functionality is not for everyone. We understand every operation has specific business and industry requirements and as you grow, so should your Dynamics BC solution. We can help you capitalize on the flexibility of Dynamics BC with new features and customizations that get your software working the way you need it to.


Trust your Solution to Dedicated BC Experts

Take advantage of Tigunia’s large staff of dedicated BC professionals. We only use the experienced and innovative talent that understand the language and the nature of your business. We can assess your needed functionality, determine how to move forward and build a project scope that won’t break the bank.


Tap into Endless Possibilities

Whatever the reason for extending your Dynamics BC solution, from process efficiency to customer engagement, there are thousands of opportunities to modify, improve, advance, and optimize. After you meet with our team, we’ll help you find the best path to get there.


Prepare your Customizations for the Long-Term

Customizing BC too extensively is risky; with too much custom development, you can create a situation where you’re reliant on the developer for the lifetime of your solution. Customizations should be done smartly and with the future in mind. We don’t want to complicate your experience with BC, which is why we develop our custom solutions to last a lifetime and are transparent in how we do so. Moreover, we’ll always be around for maintenance or additional improvements, and will never leave you wondering how to make something work.


Make Dynamics BC Work for You

Dynamics BC is designed with efficiency and growth in mind. That’s why it’s the best solution out there for a not-your-average business. Take a look at what other Dynamics BC services we provide to see if we’re the right fit for your upcoming project.


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Make the best choice now and enjoy a stress-free relationship with your Dynamics solution, and partner, for life.

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