Identity Access Management

A complete identity and access management solution with integrated security

What is Identity Access Management?

Identity Access Management is comprised of the systems and processes that allow IT administrators to assign a single digital identity to each entity, authenticate them when they log in, authorize them to access specified resources, and monitor and manage those identities throughout their lifecycle.

The scope of Identity Access Management extends beyond employees within your organization, and applies any time you may need to provide secure access for contractors and business partners, remote and mobile users, or customers. In other cases, identities may be assigned to IoT devices, robots, APIs, and SaaS applications.

Secure and Frictionless Functioning


Secure, adaptive access:

Protect access to resources and data using strong authentication and risk-base adaptive access policies without compromising user experience.


Seamless user experience:

Provide an easy, fast sign-in experience to keep your users productive, reduce time managing passwords, and increase end-user productivity.


Simplified identity governance:

Control access to apps and data for all users and admins efficiently with automated identity governance to ensure only authorized users have access.

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