Endpoint Security

Terminating hidden threats to protect you infrastructure

Advanced, Proactive Security for Your Workforce

Endpoint Security from Tigunia proactively searches for and terminates any hidden threats that sneak past conventional security tools to better protect your data and your infrastructure. Go beyond conventional preventative security to outsmart the shadiest of bad actors and keep your technology safe. And with infinite customization, you can ensure that your data is protected and compliant wherever it exists, whether on an endpoint, in the cloud, or in some third-party SaaS applications.

Team + Tool

While automation is vital in cybersecurity, a human element is still important. Automation can detect what threats it knows exist, but it cannot detect new or unique threats. That’s why this program is backed by a skilled team of security experts that continues to search for gaps and expand the power of automated security. The human element is also key to educate users on security and protection measures that fortify your business.

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