Business Technology Advisor

Technology expertise without the expensive price tag.

Maximize Efficiency with Business Technology Advisor


We have an experienced team of passionate professionals to help you succeed.


We have the tools and strategy to support your team and your long-term business goals.


We have a proven track record of providing technology solutions and IT support for all our clients.

Why a Business Technology Advisor?


Take a Strategic Approach and Get More from Your IT Management

Hiring in-house business advisors and support staff is not a viable investment for every business, but sometimes, you still need guidance and know-how to effectively manage your technology and your business. In addition to being your technology partner, Tigunia’s Business Technology Advisor provides additional high-level deliverables and acts as dedicated resources for your company. You get the technical expertise and direction you need, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.


Leverage New Technologies and Growth Opportunities

Improve how your company connects, communicates, and operates. With our knowledge of software development, virtualization, hosting, hardware, telecommunications, business analysis, and business development, we can help you strategize and optimize your business, while  utilizing your existing resources with strong technological leadership.

What You Get With a Business Technology Advisor

Management & Communication

  • Meetings
  • Reporting
  • Auditing
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Allocation

Vendor App & License Management

  • Vendor Meetings
  • Documentation
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Assess and document licensing & renewals
  • Audit usage/consumption

Strategy & Roadmap

  • Create & Execute Roadmap
  • Create & Execute Strategy
  • Innovation & Transformation ideas
  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Selection

Security & Risk

  • Create, Execute & Monitor Business Continuity Plan
  • Define RPO & RTO for critical services
  • Staff Security Awareness Training

Governance, Policy, & Process

  • Review & Improve IT Support structure
  • Review & update IT Policies and Processes
  • Evaluate & Refine Data Privacy

Productivity & Business Advancement

  • Budget
  • Best Practice Reviews
  • Key application updates and alternatives
  • Staff IT Surveys
  • Staff Productivity Training
  • Reporting and data driven evaluation

Ready for better technology and peace of mind?