The Cannabis Technology Handbook: How Tech Can Help Your Cannabis Business Succeed


Over the past century, the multi-billion-dollar cannabis market has matured rapidly, with medicinal cannabis now legal for medicinal purposes in 36 states and entirely legal for recreational use in 15 (and D.C.). Unfortunately, much of the technology used by cannabis operators today is ‘rudimentary, unscalable and unsustainable’— resulting in operational inefficiencies, customer dissatisfaction, and financial risks.

In this handbook, our experts look at how cannabis businesses have evolved and provide an overview of the critical business management technology driving that drives process efficiency and growth in the industry. After reading this guide, you will gain a better understanding of the:

  • Rapid growth in the cannabis industry
  • Specific technology requirements for cannabis businesses
  • Recommended cannabis business technology including ERP, CRM, business intelligence, and eCommerce
  • Reasons why technology will help you meet demands and thrive in today’s cannabis market