Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has never been easier.

Upgrade your legacy system to THE modern enterprise resource planning solution that can evolve with the size and scope of your business.  Business Central will accommodate the needs and challenges of your ever-changing technology landscape.  

160,000+ small to medium sized businesses use Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to digitize, connect, and scale their business operations every day. 

Why Microsoft Business Central?


Designed to facilitate growth. BC uses a powerful infrastructure that will evolve with the size and scope of your business.


Designed for companies to grow beyond their standard accounting software. BC will natively integrate with powerful sales, marketing, operations, field service, and CRM software.

Office 365 Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft business applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI.

Business Intelligence

Make better decisions through integrations with apps like Jet Reports and Power BI.


Integrates with Microsoft’s Power Platform that provides BC users with superior automation capabilities.


Includes a free dedicated mobile app that allows users to fully work in the system, even when they are on the move.

Current Pain Points

  1. Limited support makes it difficult for you to get the help that you need.  Longer downtimes, security vulnerabilities, and software bugs are high risk issues for you and your company.

  2. Stale features and the lack of automation make it challenging to digitally transform and meet your modern business needs.

  3. No built-in reporting, analytics, or dashboards limits your business visibility and data-driven decision making.

  4. Lack of integration and compatibility with other applications makes it hard to scale your business, and leads to issues with data accuracy, duplication, and delays in your access to critical information.

  5. On-premise servers present significant hidden risks and costs to your business.       

Why Business Central?

Business Central allows you to manage your entire company from one application.  BC is robust software that will connect your data from all departments, i.e., finance, inventory, sales, and operations, and store it in a single database.  Your staff will be more productive, and as a business owner or executive, you will gain a 360-degree view of your entire operation.

Easy Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem

All Microsoft Dynamics applications can be used separately or combined, and includes data security, 99.9% up-time, Office 365 and LinkedIn integrations, Microsoft’s intelligent technologies. Hundreds of third-party software applications are available in Microsoft AppSource to enhance your system’s functionality, and to fit your specific business requirements.  Microsoft Dynamics also includes a license for Microsoft PowerApps, a powerful platform that allows businesses to develop their own custom apps from scratch, without the need for coding or hiring a developer. 

Quick and Easy Migration

With our extensive product and industry expertise, we believe that Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect choice for companies that are looking for structured processes, enhanced productivity, and increased operational visibility, all for an affordable monthly fee.  We offer a quick and cost-efficient migration process that will get your job done right, and the first time.  If you are looking for a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and to gain improved insight, productivity, and operational efficiency through innovative technology, you will find it with Business Central.

No matter your size, we can help you to optimize your business processes, maintain your technology environment, and to secure your business’ continuity.  This is the Tigunia Way.  

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