Hosting to fit your security needs and scale

With our dedicated server hosting and cloud storage solutions, we reduce risk and make securing and scaling your environment our responsibility. We co-manage your IT services, so your organization gets the best value, and your IT team can be more strategic about how they spend their time, focusing on business needs instead of hardware.


Fast, secure, state-of-the-art hosting from Tigunia

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to hosting cloud server and storage solutions. At Tigunia, our technical gurus have managed and supported many cloud environments for our clients, including public, private, and hybrid hosting. We focus on performance, security, and reliability to find the right fit for your business needs and ensure your operations are fully covered.

With solutions built exclusively with Microsoft and Cisco technologies, we provide varying levels of storage, power, and customizations to fit your requirements.

Tigunia’s private hosting data center located in Chicago is part of a nationwide network of data centers, and by leasing your server space, you save big on resources and time, with incredible performance, support, and uptime for your network and applications.

  • Scalable data levels
  • Flexible plans
  • Public, private, and hybrid options
  • Server + cloud based solutions

Flexible Compute

Dedicated Server Hosting & Cloud Storage Solutions

Private Hosting Data Center

Fast, Secure, and State of the Art


Cloud computing platform and online portal for storing and accessing data from anywhere

Cloud Services

Migrate to the cloud with flexible, integrated solutions

Network & Server Support

Monitoring, updates, backups, and contingency planning to make sure hardware is at peak performance

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