Let Your Data Take Root Across Your Operations

Growing a great product is one thing, but what about reducing costs, forecasting sales, and complying with industry regulations? If you are one of the many growers, propagators or producers trying to make ends meet with manual spreadsheets or outdated software, it’s time to consider technology specifically designed for your business.

With the same passion you have for your plants, we take our love for technology and use it to support and grow your infrastructure. From inventory management and crop planning to traceability reporting and resource management, Tigunia is here to help you streamline processes, improve productivity, and increase profit margins.

Plant the Seeds for Success

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We’ve got a robust, ready to use business management solution built by Microsoft, and a group of talented developers and business process analysts ready to customize each process to your specific needs. Our seed to sale software solutions are designed to grow with you, as you grow….and well, grow.

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Cultivate Better Relationships with your Customers

With integrated point-of-sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM) and order management capabilities all in one solution, Tigunia provides the tools you need to deliver the best product and customer experience. Our affordable cloud solution is designed to give you full visibility into your complex horticultural operations so you can monitor quality while keeping up with supply and demand.

Track Quality Assurance from Production to Distribution

Say goodbye to stressful spreadsheets and invest in a technology solution that reduces your workload! When you are responsible for managing everything from the seeds you order to selling the crops you produce, you need a single solution that does it all. With Tigunia’s horticultural production software, you can manage your data, automate complex processes, and start making profitable decisions.

Capture Costs with Powerful Financial Reporting

When dealing with the production, processing, and shipping of fruits, vegetables, and plants, costs matter. From labor to machines to distribution, you need insight into your transactions and the ability to create financial reports. The good news is, with Microsoft’s flexible business management technology and Tigunia’s industry experience, we can make financial management easy for you!

Comply with Changing Regulations

Growers who are licensed to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute can only survive by meeting strict horticultural health and safety regulations. With the right technology and Tigunia’s expert team by your side, we can help you stay on top of mandatory reporting, labeling, labor policies, food safety, crop protection, and seed-to-sale traceability.

Why Grow Your Products with Tigunia?

Work with a partner who not only knows the horticultural industry but can help you focus on getting the best yield. With Tigunia by your side, we can help you find new ways to improve product quality, manage labor, increase production, and save money – all while keeping your business compliant and your data safe. From complete financial management to managed IT services, we have everything you need to handle your operations and ensure your supply demands are met. To learn more about our services, please send us a message or give us a call.

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