The Royalty Setup screen is used to enter system-wide parameters for Tigunia Royalties Management functionality.
  1. Go to the Home page. The Royalty menu should be visible at the left side of the top menu
  2. Expand the Royalty menu
  3. Select Royalty Setup
Main Menu with Royalty Setup


This opens the Royalty Setup page, which is where the system parameters can be entered, and the functionality can be enabled.
  1. To make the page editable, click the little pencil icon. This is circled in green in the screenshot below
  2. Enable the Royalties Management functionality, which is circled in red in the screenshot below
Royalty Setup


If you follow along with all the documentation, in the order that is listed on the main documentation page, you will create the demo data for these user scenarios. As an alternative to manually creating the demo data in these user scenarios, we have provided a way to quickly create all of the data. This selection is only available from a CRONUS demo company, since it relies on the presence of some standard Business Central demo data. To run this program, click the Load Demo Data at the top of the Royalty Setup page.


Royalty Setup - Load Demo Data
If you are not in a CRONUS demo company, you will not see the Load Demo Data option
If you get any errors about records that already exist, that means that the program that creates the demo data has already run, and you should be ready to explore the Tigunia Royalties Management functionality