Royalties are paid to an entity called Payee. To manage Payee records, open the Payees page from the main menu, as shown in the next screenshot. To maintain Payee records:


  1. Go to the Home page of the Business Manager Role Center by clicking on the Company Name on the left side of the main menu, right underneath where it says Dynamics 365 Business Central. The company name in our screenshots is CRONUS USA, Inc.
  2. Expand the Royalty menu
  3. Select Payees to open that page from the main menu selection, as shown in the screenshot below.



For our sample data, we have created a number of records. :


To create a new Payee record, click on the “+ New” button, which opens the Payee Card with a new empty record. To open the Payee Card for an existing Payee, click on its No. field. The Payee Card screen is where you enter the Payee information, including address and contact information.

The system will tell you when record is saved at the top right of the screen. You can also save the record by closing the Payee Card.


In this screen we also enter a Vendor No.. This is necessary to be able to utilize standard Business Central capabilities when it comes to accounts payable that are related to Royalties. When the Tigunia Royalty Management creates a Purchase Invoice, it will use the Vendor on the Payee Card as the Buy-from Vendor, with a line for each outstanding Royalty Entry. Processing the payment is done using standard accounts payable functionality in Business Central.