In Tigunia Royalties Management, Brands are managed from the Brands page. Brands belong to Licensors, and the only way to access Brands is from the Licensor:
  • Click on the Navigate menu on the Licensors page
  • Click on Brands

When the Brands page opens, it is filtered on the current Licensor. This is where you can manage the Brands that belong to a particular Licensor.


This screenshot above shows the two brands that are created under the Licensor MATTEL. For the AMGIRL brand, we are going to enter some sub-brands.


Sub Brands

Tigunia Royalties Management allows you to set up a hierarchy of Brands and related Sub Brands. Sub Brands belong to other (Sub-) Brands; they are just like regular Brands, they only have another Brand as their Parent Brand.
To do this:
  • Click on the Navigate menu of the Brands page
  • Click on Sub Brands.
This will open the same page, but now set up in such a way that you are entering new Brands with a relationship to an existing Brand.


When selecting Sub Brands from the Navigate menu on the Brands page while the AMGIRL brand is highlighted, you get the sub brands that are created for the AMGIRL Brand, which in turn belongs to the Licensor MATTEL. Note that in the screenshot below the Parent Brand Code for all three sub brands is AMGIRL. The system automatically assigns the Parent Brand to the new Brand because it creates that link when you opened the Sub Brands screen from the parent brand.



It is possible to create more than one level of brands and have a hierarchical Brand structure. Simply select the brand you want to explore and click the Sub Brands menu selection to define Sub Brands for the currently selected Brand.


In our example, we have two levels of branding: the Licensor MATTEL has two brands AMGIRL and BOBTHEBLD, and the AMGIRL brand has three sub brands LVEGA, TME, and TGRANT.


Brand Items

Royalties are based on Item sales, so the next step in setting up Royalties is to assign Items to Brands. From the Brands page:
  • Click the Navigate menu
  • Select Items, as shown in the screenshot below.


This opens the Brand Items page that shows the Items that are assigned to the currently selected Brand:



For our sample data, we have created 5 Items and linked them to the LVEGA Sub Brand. Brand Items should always be defined at the lowest level of Brand possible.