At Tigunia, we have been operating remotely since our inception. Our experience enabling team collaboration remotely has presented us with the unique opportunity to help others extend their office space and stay productive. In light of the global health concern surrounding COVID-19, Tigunia is offering any company the ability to enable every employee to work from home during uncertain times – FOR FREE and with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Grant access to desktop computers, from anywhere, anytime, and “Bring Your Own Office (BYOO)”!

We Will Help You:

  1. Establish a corporate policy for your team members’ BYOO plan as an extension to your acceptable computer and systems use policy
  2. Assist with deploying tools tailored to your organizations’ remote work needs
  3. Assist with customized remote application delivery

Our Remote Access Offer Includes:

  1. 1 hour of consulting
  2. Team collaboration tools with Microsoft Office 365 E1 License
  3. Flexible, secure desktop access as needed with Tigunia’s Hosted Remote Access Tool
  4. Expert set-up for your organization
  5. 1 hour of training

All free for 6 months with no limit on the number of agents (computers) you can connect. Remote employees will only require internet access and a modern web browser. Additional consulting and training are available at an hourly rate.

We’re not here to add to the panic, but we are here to help your organization be prepared. Enabling remote work is not as complicated as you might expect – Get everything you need on your desktop in 4 clicks.

Addressing public health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak or other possible pandemics, is part of the Tigunia Business Continuity Program, which exists to ensure continued availability of IT services and the safety of employees, customers, and partners.

To learn more about successful remote work environments, check out our whitepaper: 7 Steps to Successfully Managing an Efficient Remote Workforce

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