The Tigunia Story

Founded in 2007, Tigunia, LLC is a software and information technology consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central, IT and Hosting services, Business Intelligence, CRM and Software Development. We provide planning, implementation, customization, and all-around support services aimed at optimizing the best solution for each customer’s specific needs.

We have successfully completed NAV/Business Central and other types of projects for many companies of all sizes. We believe that Business Central is the best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software of its type on the market. We know every aspect of NAV and Business Central. We pride ourselves on working with the product, day in and day out.

Tigunia has a staff of 30 highly trained senior developers and functional consultants with over 300 years of combined NAV/BC experience, and over 100 Microsoft certifications. We have successfully completed projects for hundreds of clients. Most of our developers and consultants came to us because of our client-centered philosophy after having worked for many years in the Microsoft Partner network and for end users in roles such as IT executive, controller, and internal NAV project/support manager. We bring a collection of talent that includes all levels of NAV/BC development, design, implementation, analysis, upgrade processes, business process consulting and training.

If your needs go above and beyond the traditional Microsoft Partner role, we are also experts in IT and Hosting, SQL Server, Visual Studio and .NET, Salesforce, CRM, virtualization, business reporting, business intelligence, analytical tools, and web development, all because we want to be able to support and enhance your NAV/BC implementation.

Additionally, if you need special projects involving software development, information technology, hardware, or business analysis, we are available to solve these issues on an incremental or on-going basis. As a hosting provider, Tigunia owns and maintains large capacity server farms in two locations in the US. As a team, we deliver decades of experience in enterprise integration and automation.

Although we are experts in all facets of NAV and Business Central development, one our specialty markets is clients suffering with implementation failures caused by other ERP solution firms. We call these Dynamics Rescues and Dynamics 911 Emergencies.

Our rescue clients are typically in a deep state of crisis as their ERP system is non- or poorly functioning. Their employees are frustrated and angry, and often times in various stages of exit from the company. Because of our unusually high level of experience and expertise, we are able to triage, diagnose, repair, and re-implement (if necessary) their project during these special and extremely difficult circumstances. We will also train and support client’s staff during these times. We accomplish our Rescues on a time-sensitive and cost-effective basis. Once our work is complete, our clients enjoy functioning and automated NAV/BC implementations with the internal ability to support themselves.

Although our firm is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has partner arrangements with most NAV/Business Central Add-On software firms, our philosophy is to provide all of the services of competing ERP solutions centers, but faster, better, less expensively, and without the downsides typical in some large ERP solutions organizations. Specifically, most of our clients come to us after their ERP budget has been substantially exhausted by ineptitude and their project is not even close to being successfully completed. This is why you will not see inexperienced developers or routine staff changes on your project. Rather, you will always interact with our highest-level resources as your project managers, and you will have only senior developers and consultants work on your project.

Whether your business model is distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, retail, wholesale, service provider, or even an online presence, we offer experienced and innovative talent that understand the language and problems of business. We can deliver process, technology, software, IT, hosting, BI, CRM and even hardware solutions specific to your needs.

We provide this with the big hearts and bright minds of independent consultants who put the client first before buzz-word technology, a certain brand, systems, or products – all while bringing our unique experiences and our shared commitment to every discussion and every task.

Tigunia offers the following services:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Implementations, Upgrades, NAV/BC Support, Training, and Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM
  • Business Technology Advisor (CIO as a Service)
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Help Desk
  • Hosted Network Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Software Procurement and Installation (Both NAV and non-NAV)
  • Cloud Services
  • IT Assessment and Planning
  • Network Design & Installation
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing

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