It’s Make or Break Time, Cannabis Businesses

You’re a savvy business professional looking to make the most out of the burgeoning cannabis industry. Driven enough to get in on the ground level of this substantial new market, you’re smart enough to know you’ll need help if you plan to survive.

Cannabis is a business built on inherent risk. With regulations changing rapidly, and legal requirements varying from state to state or internationally, the next few years in the cannabis industry are going to set the tone for your future.

Plant the Seeds for Success

Cheesy pun aside, Tigunia is all about helping businesses develop and implement technology systems that create real opportunities for business growth – it’s just cultivation of a different sort.

We’ve got a robust, ready to use business management solution built by Microsoft, and a group of talented developers and business process analysts ready to customize each process to your specific needs. Our solutions are designed to grow with you, as you grow….and well, grow.

Cannabis Technology Services

Prepare to Grow with Tigunia!

We’ve got all the business management services a burgeoning Cannabis business could need. We can help you plan and manage everything from seed-to-sale while ensuring your operation remains secure and compliant.

Learn more about planting the seeds for success in our Cannabis Technology Services overview.

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Tigunia can help your cannabis business streamline and expertly manage:


Production and extraction are highly governed state-by-state and require careful management to deliver high-quality products to end consumers while ensuring you remain profitable. Manage and track recipes and lot numbers, comply with traceability requirements, completely control your Quality Assurance process and keep close track of production costs, resource requirements and yields.



The heart of this business is getting your products into the hands of consumers more often than your competitors do. With an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system, built-in order fulfillment and inventory management, and the potential for a complete eCommerce platform, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or 365 Business Central empowers your people and helps your cannabis business deliver higher quality products faster and more efficiently than ever before.



Cash in, cash out, where does all the money go and are your margins healthy enough? With Microsoft Dynamics NAV or 365, you get one of the most powerful financial management solutions on the planet. Everything you need to manage your general ledger, purchasing, sales ledger, and taxation, all integrated back to order processing and inventory. One continuous stream of business control.



Your customers demand discretion and your data security is a critical part of running this business. Leveraging the power and security of Microsoft Azure’s hosting platform and Azure SQL, we build systems that safely and securely manage all your data. We also offer intrusion prevention, data backup, and recovery services to ensure your business never goes offline.



This is huge. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines or lost business licenses. But with laws and regulations changing frequently, and across state and country lines, relying on humans to manage compliance is asking for trouble. Maintain HIPAA compliance, ensure your system is up to date with legislation or taxation changes and survive and grow into new locations - all without risk or a breach.



We go beyond business management to offer a full suite of solutions for running your entire cannabis operation, from IT infrastructure and security consulting to network and server support and business continuity planning, if technology touches it, Tigunia works with it.Our proven team of IT professionals have the solution experience and industry knowledge to tackle your most challenging efficiency issues.

Business Productivity

Like most cannabis growers and distributors, you started small – and due to changing regulations across the country and an increase in market potential, you’re feeling the constraints of your insufficient accounting and business management systems. If your business is growing, and you’re trying to keep up with the entire processing to compliance aspects of a cannabis operation, while maintaining crops and focusing on yields without a technology partner, your entire business is at risk.

You Grow Cannabis; We Grow Business – Let’s Talk

You know your business, and from seed to sale, we want to focus on getting you the best yield. Dealing with the crops is one thing, but when it comes to all the back-office functions like sales administration, finance, and compliance, you need a technology partner who believes in what you do and can lead you toward the green.

Get started today with an evaluation of your current set-up and guidance on how to ensure your cannabis business prospers for years to come with Tigunia.

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