What is EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)?

How to Use EDA to Become a Data-Driven Company People engage in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) every day since many of our decisions are based on some form of data analysis. Before making a large purchase, like a car, we read reviews and research safety ratings. We test-drive different models. We look at our finances … Continued

Data Challenges in Dynamics 365 Business Central Reports and How to Overcome Them

The evolution of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software to Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud brings flexibility and accessibility to small and midsized businesses around the globe. As an all-in-one cloud ERP solution, Business Central provides essential functionality to manage and grow your business, coupled with seamless integration, scalable functionality, automatic upgrades, and access to your data … Continued

Tigunia Leverages Business Intelligence Team to Deliver Jet Analytic Adapter to Market Amid Pressures to Upgrade to the Cloud

  MILWAUKEE, WI – Following on the expansion of the business intelligence team last year, Tigunia has stayed true to its plan to become the indisputable leader in Jet Reports and Jet Analytics services and support, and has launched an adapter for the increasingly popular Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Developed by the resources originally … Continued

Business Intelligence vs. Reporting: Understanding the Relationship

If you came across this post when searching through the unlimited online results for “business intelligence vs. reporting,” then you are probably already familiar with the large number of interpretations and definitions of these two practices. Business intelligence (BI), in particular, has become a buzzword meaning many different things depending on who you ask. But … Continued